Keywords = Internet of Things
Heterogeneous task allocation in mobile crowd sensing using a modified approximate policy approach

Volume 15, Issue 4, April 2024, Pages 251-264


Zohreh Vahedi; Seyyed Javad Mahdavi Chabok; Gelareh Veisi

On the performance of intrusion detection systems for the internet of things: State-of-the-Art in Research

Volume 14, Issue 1, January 2023, Pages 1413-1436


Chovin Usman Najam; Ahmed M. Fakhrudeen

A strategic model-based of micro-moment data in smart cities especially internet of things

Volume 12, Special Issue, December 2021, Pages 231-242


Nasrin Akbarpour; Mehran Keshtkar Haranaki; Nader Gharibnavaz; Mahmoud Ahmadi Sharif

Detection of plant leaf nutrients using convolutional neural network based Internet of Things data acquisition

Volume 12, Issue 2, November 2021, Pages 1175-1186


R Sathyavani; K JaganMohan; B Kalaavathi

Improving air pollution detection accuracy and status monitoring based ‎on supervised learning systems and Internet of Things

Volume 12, Issue 2, November 2021, Pages 1497-1511


D Saravanan; K Santhosh Kumar

A meta-heuristic clustering method to reduce energy consumption in Internet of things

Volume 12, Issue 1, May 2021, Pages 45-58


Ehsan Heidari; Homayun Motameni; Ali Movaghar

A Design of Strategic Real-Time Marketing Model in Smart Cities Based on the Internet of Things in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Volume 11, Special Issue, November 2020, Pages 339-349


Nasrin Akbarpour; Mehran Keshtkar Haranaki; Hormoz Mehrani; Nader Gharibnavaz; Mahmoud Ahmadi Sharif