How can I find out the current status of my journal article?

For accepted journal articles, check the Articles in Press Section. For articles not yet accepted, you may send a query to http://ijnaa.semnan.ac.ir/journal/contact.us or send an email to ijnaa@semnan.ac.ir. You will need your manuscript ID to contact.

If you tried that, but got no response after a week, contact the responsible editor, or if you did not select a particular editor, the managing editor of the journal.

How long does it take for a submitted paper to make an initial decision on it?

After submission of a manuscript to the International Journal of Nonlinear Analysis and Applications, the paper is assigned to a member of Editorial Board by Editor-in-Chief. The Editor check the paper to decide whether it receives the priority to publish in the journal or not. This process may take a few weeks. If the paper met the standards of the journal, the Editor assigns it to at least four potential referees to evaluate. Each referee has three months to give his/her first opinion on the paper.

How do I access my account in IJNAA system?

After registering in IJNAA system, you can login directly to submit and track your article, to edit an article, or to review an article. If you have any problem for logging in to the IJNAA system, you can contact to Editorial Office by the tab Contact Us at the first page.