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Special Issue "Hyers-Ulam-Rassias Stability of Functional Equations"

A special issue of IJNAA dedicated to professor Themistocles M. Rassias's 70-th birthday.

 Guest Editors: Professor Choonkil Park, Professor Soon Mo Jung and Dr Hamid Khodaei


Most Cited Articles

◊ H. Khodaei and T. Rassias, Approximately generalized additive functions in several variables

◊ P. Gavruta,  L. Gavruta, A new method for the generalized Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability

◊ R. Farohkzad Rostami,  S.A.R. Hosseinioun, Perturbations of Jordan higher derivations in Banach ternary algebras: an alternative fixed point approach

C. Patk, A. Najati, Generalized additive functional inequalities in Banach algebras

C. Park, T.M. Rassias, Isomorphisms in unital C*-algebras












Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2021 

7. Expected mean square rate estimation of repeated measurements model

Pages 75-83

Hayder Abbood Kori; Abdulhussein Saber AL-Mouel

11. Predicting drug-target interaction based on bilateral local models using a decision tree-based hybrid support vector machine

Pages 135-144

Ali Ghanbari sorkhi; Majid Iranpour Mobarakeh; Seyed Mohammad Reza Hashemi; Maryam Faridpour

19. Optimal pricing policy for stock dependent demand with effective investment in preservation technology

Pages 249-264

Ram Kumar Tiwari; Nishant Kumar Khedlekar; Uttam Kumar Khedlekar

20. Stability of (1,2)-total pitchfork domination

Pages 265-274

Lamees K. Alzaki; Mohammed A. Abdlhusein; Amenah Kareem Yousif

22. A common fixed point theorem via measure of noncompactness

Pages 293-296

Alireza Valipour Baboli; Mohammad Bagher Ghaemi

23. Fixed points for Banach and Kannan contractions in $G$-metric spaces endowed with a graph

Pages 297-304

Nahid Sadat Mohseni; Hashem P. Masiha; Hamid Mamghaderi

29. Almost $\alpha$-$F$-contraction, fixed points and applications

Pages 375-386

Deepak Kumar; Anita Tomar; Sumit Chandok; Sharma Ritu

34. Existence of farthest points in Hilbert spaces

Pages 437-446

Hamid Mazaheri Tehrani; Raham Rahmani Jafarbeigi

35. A Robust Encryption Technique Using Enhanced Vigenre Cipher

Pages 447-454

Hazim Noman Abed; Zainab Mohammed Ali; Ahmed Luay Ahmed

38. Investigating 1-perfect code using Dominating set

Pages 479-483

Fatemeh Halataei; saeed Mohammadian

39. Kalman filter and ridge regression backpropagation algorithms

Pages 485-493

Irtefaa A. Neamah; Zainab Abdul Redhaa

40. Linear maps and covariance sets

Pages 495-497

Mohammad Hossein Alizadeh

44. Fuzzy equality co-neighborhood domination of graphs

Pages 537-545

Sahib Sh. Kahat; Ahmed Omran; Manal Al-Harere

45. Meta-heuristic innovative algorithm of multi-objectives in tasks timing at cloud computing system

Pages 547-561

Mohsen Sojoudi; Ahmad Tavakoli; Alireza Pooya; Mehdi Norouzi

47. Some inference of the repeated measurements model

Pages 569-581

Ammar Abdul Ameer AL-Hassan; Abdul Hussein S. AL-Moula

48. Nonlinear instability analysis of a vertical cylindrical magnetic sheet

Pages 583-601

Marwa H Zekry; Galal M. Moatimid; Yusry El-Dib

49. The impact of subband pause noise on the sensitivity of detection methods

Pages 603-607

Entidhar Malik Hadi; Reham Ihssan Kamal; Ali M. Ahmed

54. Mixed Topp-Leone-Kumaraswamy distribution

Pages 699-715

Nashaat Jasim Al-Anber

55. Fixed point in bicomplex valued metric spaces

Pages 717-727

Ismat Beg; Sanjib Kumar Datta; Dipankar Pal

58. Some types of fibrewise fuzzy topological spaces

Pages 751-756

M. A. Hussain; Y Y. Yousif

61. Fibrewise totally perfect mapping

Pages 783-792

Yousif Yaqoub Yousif; Amira R. Kadzam

62. An approximate solution of integral equation using Bezier control Points

Pages 793-798

Asmaa N. Al-Janabi; Farah J. Al Zahed; Ahmad Hadi Hussain

65. Shrinking approximation method for solution of split monotone variational inclusion and fixed point problems in Banach spaces

Pages 825-842

Francis Akutsah; Narain Ojen Kumar; Abass Hammed Anuoluwapo; Akindele Adebayo Mebawondu

66. A topology on a ring part of IS-algebra

Pages 843-848

Fatema F. Kareem; Reyadh. D. Ali

67. The new integral transform and its applications

Pages 849-856

Eman A. Mansour; Sadiq Mehdi; Emad A. Kuffi

69. Grasp on next generation security operation centre (NGSOC): Comparative study

Pages 869-895

Yau Ti Dun; Mohd Faizal Ab Razak; Mohamad Fadli Zolkiplib; Tan Fui Bee; Ahmad Firdaus

71. An inverse triple effect domination in graphs

Pages 913-919

Zinah H. Abdulhasan; Mohammed A. Abdlhusein

74. Fibrewise totally compact and locally totally compact spaces

Pages 939-948

Amira R. Kadzam; Yousif Yaqoub Yousif

75. Effects of static magnetic field on dye extracted from Anchusa-Italica through optimization the optoelectronic properties

Pages 949-960

Fatima H. Malek; Tahseen Alaridhee; Abdullah A. Hussein; Arwa H. M. AL-Saeed

77. Non-Bayesian estimation of Weibull Lindley burr XII distribution

Pages 977-989

Etab Kazem Amer; Nabeel Jawad Hassan; Hassan Kamil Jassim

78. Customer lifetime value analysis in the banking industry with an emphasis on brand equity

Pages 991-1004

Bahram Seyedin; Mojtaba Ramazani; Hossein Bodaghi Khajeh Noubar; Yaghob Alavimatin

79. Biomechanical analysis of long pass in U-19 women football players

Pages 1005-1021

Rumi Iqbal Doewes; Gunathevan Elumalai; Siti Hartini Azmi; Ubaidillah Ubaidillah

81. Fibrewise Slightly Perfect Topological Spaces

Pages 1051-1059

Yousif Yaqoub Yousif; Mohammed G . Mousa

83. A new approach of classical Hill Cipher in public key cryptography

Pages 1071-1082

Rajaa K. Hasoun; Sameerah Faris Khlebus; Huda Kadhim Tayyeh

85. Study of the dual ideal of KU-algebra

Pages 1099-1107

Qasim Mohsin Luhaib; Fatema Faisal Kareem

88. Face recognition via weighted non-negative sparse representation

Pages 1141-1150

Hoda Khosravi; Aboozar Ghaffari; Javad Vahidi

89. On generalisation of Brown's conjecture

Pages 1151-1155

Ishfaq Nazir; Mohammad Ibrahim Mir; Irfan Ahmad Wani

90. On fixed point in C*-algebra valued metric spaces using $C_*$-class function

Pages 1157-1161

Deepak Kumar; Dhariwal Rishi; Choonkil Park; Jung Rye Lee

91. Multi-objective optimization with modified Taguchi approach to specify optimal robot spray painting process parameters

Pages 1163-1174

Swetha Danthala; Seeram Srinivasa Rao; Boggarapu Nageswara Rao; Kasiprasad Mannepalli

93. Supervision calamity of public opinion actions based on field programmable gate array and machine learning

Pages 1187-1198

A Srinivasa Rao; Brahmadesam Viswanathan Krishna; D Saravanan; D Beulah David; O Rama Devi; Anju Asokan; D Stalin David

94. A new modification of Kalman filter algorithm

Pages 1199-1212

Ahmed Raad Radhi; Zainab Abdul Redhaa; Irtefaa A. Neamah

100. Fixed point theorems of non-commuting mappings in b-multiplicative metric spaces

Pages 1299-1315

Maibam Ranjit Singh; Thangjam Bimol Singh; Yumnam Mahendra Singh

102. Dynamic investment portfolio optimization using a multivariate Merton model with correlated jump risk

Pages 1331-1341

Bahareh Afhami; Mohsen Rezapour; Mohsen Madadi; Vahed Maroufy

104. A secure ECG signal transmission for heart disease diagnosis

Pages 1353-1370

Azmi Shawkat Abdulbaqi; Abbas Abdulazeez Abdulhameed; Ahmed J Obaid

105. Modelling US-China relationship: A game theory perspective

Pages 1371-1382

Nader Asghari; Madjid Eshaghi; Ali Ghaffari

111. Training analysis of optimization models in machine learning

Pages 1453-1461

Ahmed Alridha; Fadhil Abdalhasan Wahbi; Mazin Kareem Kadhim

112. Explaining the role of financial leverage speed of adjustment (SOA) during the firm life cycle

Pages 1463-1475

Hamed Salehi Saber; Yadolah Tariverdi; Afsaneh Tavangar; Amir Reza Keyghobadi

113. On the complex SEE change and systems of ordinary differential equations

Pages 1477-1483

Eman A. Mansour; Sadiq Mehdi; Emad A. Kuffi

114. Weak subsequential continuity in fuzzy metric spaces and application

Pages 1485-1496

Said Beloul; Anita Tomar; Sharma Ritu

117. Using alignment-free methods as preprocessing stage to classification whole genomes

Pages 1531-1539

Najah Abed Alhadi Shanan; Hussein Attya Lafta; Sura Z. Alrashid

119. Resilience in semantic networks: A new approach for studying language impairment in Alzheimer's disease

Pages 1563-1566

SomayehSadat HashemiKamangar; Shahriar Gharibzadeh; Fatemeh Bakouie

123. Numerical solutions of Abel integral equations via Touchard and Laguerre polynomials

Pages 1599-1609

Jalil Talab Abdullah; Bushra Sweedan Naseer; Balasim Taha Abdllrazak

124. The impact of diffusion of innovation model on user behavioral intention in adopting social media marketing

Pages 1611-1632

Sahar Farajnezhad; Hossein Bodaghi Khajeh Noubar; Sirus Fakhimi Azar

126. Some applications of independent compatible edges topology

Pages 1641-1652

Asmhan Flieh Hassan; Zainab Redha Ruzoqi Zainy

128. A secure biomedical data sharing framework based on mCloud

Pages 1659-1671

Akeel Sh Mahmoud; Nisreen Mohammed Mahmood

129. Study the effect of Islamic derivatives during financial crises of 2008 using Translog function, a case study of Iraq

Pages 1673-1686

Hanan Abdaljabar Assad Al-Ukaily; Reem Taha Adbulqadeer; Hairan I Faris

131. Supply chain with fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP): A case study

Pages 1699-1717

Mohamed Saad Ibrahim; Barraq Subhi Kaml

136. A hybrid semi-supervised boosting to sentiment analysis

Pages 1769-1784

Jafar Tanha; Solmaz Mahmudyan; Ahmad Farahi

139. Essential-small fully stable modules

Pages 1811-1816

Aseel Amer Hassan Alatuany

140. Classification of singular points of perturbed quadratic systems

Pages 1817-1825

Asadollah Aghajani; Mohsen Mirafzal

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