Fuzzy co-even domination of strong fuzzy graphs

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mathematics, College of Education for Pure Science, University of Babylon, Babylon, Iraq

2 The Ministry of Education and the General Directorate of Education Wasit, Iraq


he aim of this research is to initiate a new concept of domination in fuzzy graphs which is called a fuzzy co-even domination number denoted by $\gamma_{f c o}(G) .$ We will touch only a few aspects of the theory to of this definition. Some properties and boundaries of this definition are introduced. The fuzzy co-even domination number of fuzzy certain graphs as fuzzy complete, fuzzy complete bipartite, fuzzy star, fuzzy cycle, fuzzy null, fuzzy path, and fuzzy star are determined. Additionally, this number is computed for the complement of mentioned above fuzzy certain graphs. Finally, this number is also determined for the join to mentioned above fuzzy certain graphs with itself.