Matrix analysis of the process of integrating sustainable brand equity in the automotive industry

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Business Management, Shahr-e-Qods Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


The automotive industry is one of the most important industries in the economy of countries due to its extensive relationship with other industries; High production and employment rates play a significant role in the sustainable development of countries. Therefore, the improvement of brand equity integration strategies in this industry is significant because it is related to the level of economic sustainability of countries. This study aims to analyze the integration matrix of the process of creating sustainable value in the automotive industry. This research is a development / mixed methodology that aims to symmetrically combine the relationship between the components of sustainable brand equity integration through Mick Mac matrix analysis to identify the most effective drivers of the research subject in the Iranian automotive industry. Therefore, in this study, first, in the qualitative part, meta-synthesis analysis and Delphi analysis were used to identify the thematic components of the integration of the process of creating sustainable value and to determine the theoretical adequacy of the components. Then, in a small part, an attempt was made to explain the approved components, based on the symmetric matrix analysis in the Mic Mac diagram, in the automotive industry to determine more stimulus for integrating the sustainable brand equity process, with the participation of 16 automotive executives. Based on the results in the qualitative section, 8 thematic components were identified to evaluate the integration of the sustainable brand equity process, and after Delphi's approval, these components were approved in terms of theoretical adequacy. The results in the quantitative part based on matrix analysis showed that the most motivating component in integrating the process of creating sustainable value in the automotive industry is the development of innovative ideas. To create integration in creating sustainable value, it is necessary to create a positive impact of creative ideas in the three components of balancing performance with the changing needs of K3 customers, the dynamics of communication with K8 suppliers, and reducing the diversity of materials used in K5 production.


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