Evaluating educational services using TOPSIS method with eigne value methodology based on GIS

Document Type : Research Paper


Collage of Economic and Administration, Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq


Choosing the right site for creating educational services is a complex problem that involves evaluating many criteria, therefore, there is a need for a multi criteria decision-making tool that can make a reliable, coherent decision. The aim of this paper is to develop a methodological plan that can help decision-makers in determining the locations of the most important schools to build new schools by adopting seven basic criteria: The population’s actual need for schools, the distance between the school and the main street, the proximity to health centers, the number of students in each school, the number of teachers in each school, the proportion of teachers to students, the number of students in each class(.that were selected by a group of specialists and experts. The use of the (Eigen value) method to calculate the relative importance of these criteria, combined with the A multi-criteria decision-making technique (TOPSIS), The final results showed that the relative priority of the criteria is respectively) 46.6%, 15.9%, 15.0%, 5.5%, 4.10%, 8.8%, 4.2%, (And the percentage of schools that were in the four categories, respectively (6%,10%,13%,26%), One of the most important recommendations is to bridge the deficit experienced by the educational services provided within the study area by adopting the results that were reached above, by choosing sites to build new schools that take into account the basic standards.


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  • Receive Date: 18 July 2022
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  • First Publish Date: 05 February 2023