Evaluating the continuous monitorability and just-in-time management of goods and equipment in the country's electricity distribution company by a mathematical approach

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Accounting, Urmia Branch, Islamic Azad University, Urmia, Iran



Competitive functions based on political, social, cultural, and economic changes become more complex as social expectations and approaches change. Analysis methods are determined based on the Delphi objective, round structure, question type, and participant number. A just-in-time production system focuses on producing as little inventory as possible rather than keeping a large stock in the warehouse. An organization should design a unique system and maintain close relationships with its suppliers to ensure that materials and parts are provided on time when they are needed. Other past production management methods that have less integration into processes have lost their effectiveness because of the characteristics of new production environments and the nature of customers. Today, companies need to have integrity in all production processes.


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