Providing a framework for the success of construction projects in Iran, focusing on large national projects

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Eyvanakey, Semnan, Iran



A construction project is a combination of various planned or unplanned events that happen during the life cycle of the project and continue to exist under changes in the environment. In the meantime, some factors have double importance in the success of a project or its failure; these factors are known as project success factors. The purpose of this research is to provide a framework for the success of construction projects in Iran, focusing on large national projects. In terms of the nature of the research, the present research is an exploratory study. In terms of research strategy, it is a single case study about large national projects. The data collection tool in the research is the interviewing method. In the present investigation, the snowball sampling method, which requires consultation with knowledgeable people, has been used to introduce suitable cases for the research by them. To analyze the data, the thematic analysis and thematic network analysis methods have been used. The findings showed that the competence of the project manager was repeated more than other items in all the interviews. Therefore, the most important factor in project management is the competence of the project manager and the competence of the team. Nowadays, the employment of skilled and qualified personnel is an essential requirement for construction projects. It has been considered an important factor in other industries of the country, and the results of gathering the opinions of experts in the construction industry in this research also confirm this is the issue. Among the critical factors affecting the success of construction projects in Iran, the lack of use of advanced and up-to-date technologies was the most important factor. In other words, technology is changing and improving every day so it has entered into new fields.


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