An improved PRP conjugate gradient method for optimization computation

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Badji Mokhtar University, Annaba, 23000, Algeria

2 Laboratory Informatics and Mathematics (LiM), Mohamed Cherif Messaadia University, Souk Ahras, 41000, Algeria

3 Superior School of Industrial Technologies, Annaba, 23000, Algeria



The conjugate gradient method plays a very important role in several fields, to solve problems of large sizes. To improve the efficiency of this method, a lot of work has been done; in this paper, we propose a new modification of PRP method to solve a large scale unconstrained optimization problems in relation with strong Wolf Powell Line Search property, when the latter was used under some conditions, a global convergence result was proved. In comparison with other known methods the efficiency of this method proved that it is better in the number of iterations and in time on $90$ proposed problems by use of Matlab.


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