Designing of portfolio management of comprehensive model of construction projects

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Management, Sanandaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj, Iran



Nowadays a lot of organizations and project-oriented governmental and private companies have been leading their approach from project-oriented management to project-oriented basket management to answer to pointed problems, the necessity of having meaningful relation of approaches, themes, and projects and aim of them to more efficiency to themes and their projects. Project basket management is a new approach is grown from project management knowledge and the meaning was focused on the management of combining targeted projects and special situations it deemed to be a high level of project management and themes of them in organizations and offering the model of effective criterion models and optimal projects in selecting portfolios of constructions projects were studied in this survey. The results showed that five effective and basic indexes for optimal selecting of construction projects are: budget indexes and supply of resources, scheduling of management indexes, management indexes and risk reduction, detailed documental indexes, and parallel operation of indexes. The results showed that there is a meaningful and positive effect in surveys of hypothesis 1, budget indexes, and supplying resources in optimal management of construction project portfolios. The meaningful levels of hypothesis equals 0 and lower than 0.05 according to results and then the project hypothesis is approved by this meaning that budget and supplying resources have a positive and meaningful effect on optimal management of construction project portfolios. The amount of this effect is 0.513 By noticing this coefficient is positive the effect of that is direct. In other words, changing a unit (increasing) budget index and supplying resources by the amount of 0.513\% leads to increasing optimal management on construction project portfolios. The meaningful level of the hypothesis was equal to 0 and lower than 0.05 according to the results. The meaningful hypothesis of this hypothesis is approved by the meaning that parallel operation of them on construction projects of portfolio and optimal management have a meaningful and positive effect. The amount of this effect is 0.615 and the effect of that is direct by noticing that this coefficient is positive. In other words, changing a unit of parallel operation by the amount of 0.165 percent is increased in the optimal management of construction project portfolios.


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