The multi-decision-making problem in the recruitment process using penta-partitioned neutrosophic distance measure

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1 Department of Mathematics, St. Jude’s College, Thoothoor, Kanyakumari-629 176, Tamil Nadu, India

2 PG and Research Department of Physics, Arul Anandar College, Karumathur, Madurai-625 514, Tamil Nadu, India

3 Department of Applied Sciences and Mathematics, Abu Dhabi University College of Arts and Sciences, P.O.Box.59911, Abu Dhabi, UAE

4 Department of Mathematics, Arunachala College of Arts and Science for Women, Vellichanthai, Kanyakumari-629203, Tamil Nadu, India



In this article, we introduce some different distance measures on penta-partitioned neutrosophic sets and some distance measures satisfy axioms of metric. We also formulate a new methodological approach to solve the multi-criteria decision-making problems, in which the suitable decision is by ranking the average of the proposed penta partitioned neutrosophic distance measure for the alternatives to the criteria under certain conditional criteria. Further, we apply these distance measures to a multi-criteria decision-making problem (MCDM) for the best employee selection to recruit for a post. The comparison is finally made between the proposed distance measures and the final decisions are the same in all penta-partitioned neutrosophic distance measures.


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