A new SDN-based framework for wireless local area networks

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Computer Engineering, Gonbad Kavous University, Gonbad Kavous, Iran


Nowadays wireless networks are becoming important in personal and public communication and
growing very rapidly. Similarly, Software De ned Network (SDN) is an emerging approach to over-
come challenges of traditional networks. In this paper, a new SDN-based framework is proposed
to ne-grained control of 802.11 Wireless LANs. This work describes the bene ts of programmable
Access Points. The proposed framework is evaluated on a prototype. We show that this architecture
allows us to react to application needs, adjust network con guration for a priority application, detect
network problems, and improve the user experience of the network. Our architecture relies on the
IEEE 802.11 standard, and exploits it to collect information from the stations.