Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1, November 2019 
Jensen’s inequality for GG-convex functions

Pages 1-7

Gholamreza Zabandan

Analysis of disassembled executable codes by abstract interpretation

Pages 9-13

Mohammad hadi Alaeiyan

Optimally Local Dense Conditions for the Existence of Solutions for Vector Equilibrium Problems

Pages 15-26

Sirous Moradi; Maryam Shokouhnia; Somaye Jafari

Entropy of infinite systems and transformations

Pages 27-33

Massoud Amini

Solving a nonlinear inverse system of Burgers equations

Pages 35-54

Hamed Zeidabadi; Reza Pourgholi; Seyyed Hashem Tabasi

Completely Continuous Banach Algebras

Pages 55-62

Bahman Hayati

Solvability of infinite system of nonlinear singular integral equations in the $C(I\times‎ I‎, ‎c)$ space and modified semi-analytic method to find a closed-form of solution

Pages 63-76

Anupam Das; Mohsen Rabbani; Bipan Hazarika; Reza Arab

Coupled fixed point theorems for rational type contractions via C-class functions

Pages 77-98

Arslan Hojat Ansari; Bahman Moeini; Isa Yildirim; Anca Maria Oprea

Nash Equilibrium Strategy for Bi-matrix Games with L-R Fuzzy Payoffs

Pages 99-109

Fatemeh Madandar; Somayeh Haghayeghi; S.Mansour Vaezpour

Fixed point theorems for new J-type mappings in modular spaces

Pages 111-118

Esmaiel Feizi; Zahra Hossseini

Periodic Wave Shock solutions of Burgers equations

Pages 119-129

Saida Bendaas; Noureddine Alaa

On soft ultrafilters

Pages 131-138

Alireza Bagheri Salec

Hermitian solutions to the system of operator equations $T_iX=U_i$

Pages 139-152

S.Mansour Vaezpour; Zahra Bakhtiari

Adaptive fuzzy sliding mode and indirect radial-basis-function neural network controller for trajectory tracking control of a car-like robot

Pages 153-166

Masoud Shirzadeh; Abdollah Amirkhani; Mohammad H. Shojaeefard; Hamid Behroozi

Home appliances energy management based on the IoT system

Pages 167-175

Heliasadat Hosseinian; Hamidreza Damghani; Leila Damghani; Golnoosh Nezam; Hediyehsadat Hosseinian

A new SDN-based framework for wireless local area networks

Pages 177-183

Ahmad Jalili

A Novel Approach for Detecting Relationships in Social Networks Using Cellular Automata Based Graph Coloring

Pages 185-192

M. Kashani; S.V. Shojaedini; S. Gorgin

Cystoscopy Image Classification Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Pages 193-215

Seyyed Mohammad Reza Hashemi; Hamid Hassanpour; Ehsan Kozegar; Tao Tan

Real-time Prediction and Synchronization of Business Process Instances using Data and Control Perspective

Pages 217-228

Iman Firouzian; Morteza Zahedi; Hamid Hassanpour

Natural scene text localization using edge color signature

Pages 229-237

Jalil Ghavidel; Alireza Ahmadyfard; Morteza Zahedi