Coefficient bounds of m-fold symmetric bi-univalent functions for certain subclasses

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mathematics; College of Education for Pure Sciences ;University of Anbar ;Anbar; Iraq

2 Department of Mathematics ;College of Education for Pure Sciences ;University of Anbar ;Anbar ; Iraq.


In this article, the authors introduce two new subclasses of a class m-fold symmetric biunivalent functions in open unit disk. Coefficient bounds for the Taylor-Maclaurin coefficients |am+1| and |a2m+1| are are obtain . Furthermore, we solve ”Fekete-Szeg” ”o” functional problems for functions in FP,m(γ, µ, ϑ) and MP,m(κ, η, ϑ) . Also, several certain special improver results for the associated classes are presented .