Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Special Issue, Winter and Spring 2021 
4. Explaining the Beneish model and providing a comprehensive model of fraudulent financial reporting(FFR)

Pages 39-48

Mohammad Mahdi Shakouri; AliAsghar Taherabadi; Mehrdad Ghanbari; Babak Jamshidinavid

5. Predicting the number of comments on facebook posts using an ensemble regression model

Pages 49-62

Omid Rahmani Seryasat; Isaac Kor; Hossein Ghayoumi Zadeh; Arash shams Taleghani

12. A novel approach to estimate reservoir permeability using machine learning method

Pages 133-145

Reza Nasimi; Sassan Azadi; Mehdi Farzinfar; Mostafa Jazaeri

16. Measuring the community value in online social networks

Pages 189-202

Reza Mohamaddoust; Javad Mohammadzadeh