Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Special Issue, December 2021 
Analysis of the formation of the price bubble in the financial market: with an emphasis on the price bubble in the insurance industry and the stock market with the Markov-switching approach

Pages 1-14


Mahdi Sadidi; Hossein tavakolian; Mohammad Asim

Developing a hybrid approach to credit priority based on accounting variables (using analytical network process (ANP) and multi-criteria decision-making)

Pages 15-28


Mohammad Bakhshi; Ahmad Yaghoobnezhad; Hashem Nikoo Maram

Ensemble deep learning for aspect-based sentiment analysis

Pages 29-38


Azadeh Mohammadi; Anis Shaverizade

Explaining the Beneish model and providing a comprehensive model of fraudulent financial reporting(FFR)

Pages 39-48


Mohammad Mahdi Shakouri; AliAsghar Taherabadi; Mehrdad Ghanbari; Babak Jamshidinavid

Predicting the number of comments on facebook posts using an ensemble regression model

Pages 49-62


Omid Rahmani Seryasat; Isaac Kor; Hossein Ghayoumi Zadeh; Arash shams Taleghani

On subclass of analytic univalent functions defined by fractional differ-integral operator I

Pages 63-69


Rafid Habib Buti; Ameen Khlaif Sachit

Coefficient bounds of m-fold symmetric bi-univalent functions for certain subclasses

Pages 71-82


Nihad Hameed Shehab; Abdul Rahman S. Juma

Using Laguerre polynomials as a basis for a new differential quadrature methodology to solve magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) fourth-grade fluid flow

Pages 83-96


Abdul-Sattar Jaber Al-Saif; Afrah Abdul- Imam Almaziny

Optimizing the modified conjugate gradient algorithm

Pages 97-108


Amel Nashat Shakir

Application of mathematical models and digital filters and their Processors of spectral analysis for aromatic compounds gas in a fluorescent chemical

Pages 109-122



Goals programming multiple linear regression model for optimal estimation of electrical engineering staff according to load Demand

Pages 123-132


Shrook A. S. Al-Sabbah; Zainab Hassan Radhy; Hayder Al Ibraheemi

A novel approach to estimate reservoir permeability using machine learning method

Pages 133-145


Reza Nasimi; Sassan Azadi; Mehdi Farzinfar; Mostafa Jazaeri

A New Hybrid Optimization Algorithm for the Optimal Allocation of Goods in Shop Shelves

Pages 146-160


Maliheh Khatami

Using Not-Dominated Sorting Backtracking Search Algorithm for Optimal Power System Planning in the vicinity of the Electric Vehicle Charging Station and Scattered Generation Sources under Uncertainty Conditions

Pages 161-172


Seyed Masoud Alizadeh Masoumian; Alireza Alfi; Ahmad Rezaee Jordehi

Evaluating the difference in the effect of distance on the seismic demand estimated using nonlinear dynamic analysis and Bayesian statistics in near and far fields

Pages 173-187


Saman Asadi; Mehdi Mahdavi Adeli

Measuring the community value in online social networks

Pages 189-202


Reza Mohamaddoust; Javad Mohammadzadeh; Majid Khalilian; Alireza Nikravanshalmani

The effect of investors’ sentiment on accuracy, timely disclosure and revised management frequency in earnings forecast (evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange)

Pages 203-216


Meysam Vahedian; Abu Al Ghasem Masih Abadi; Mohammad Reza Shorvarzi; Alireza Mehrazin

Evaluation of green supply chain of small and medium manufacturing companies based on green productivity indicators using fuzzy inference system

Pages 217-230


Esa Narimani Ghoortlar; Nazanin Pilevari; Nasser Feghhi Farahmand; Mohamadreza Motadel; Kamaleddin Rahmani

A strategic model-based of micro-moment data in smart cities especially internet of things

Pages 231-242


Nasrin Akbarpour; Mehran Keshtkar Haranaki; Nader Gharibnavaz; Mahmoud Ahmadi Sharif

Intellectual property valuation: developing a model for patent valuation

Pages 243-254


Mahdi Khojaste; Maryam Ashrafi

Introducing test data-set for the QoS-aware web-services discovery and composition

Pages 255-263


Morteza Khani Dehnoi; Saeed Araban

A method for the automatic extraction of keywords in legislative documents using statistical, semantic, and clustering relationships

Pages 265-278


Jaber Naseri; Hamid Hassanpour; Ali Ghanbari

Designing and presenting an application to improve the export performance of commercial companies (Case study of commercial companies in Ardabil province)

Pages 279-295


Taher Taheri; Hossein Bodaghi Khajeh Noubar; Houshang Taghizadeh

Explain a model for measuring the tone of financial statements using a multi-criteria decision model with a fuzzy approach

Pages 297-309


Ali Asghar Khazaei Harivand; Arash Nadrian; Majid Ashrafi; Ali Khozin

Investigating the social responsibility of the managers of the Iranian education system using the method structural equation

Pages 311-323


Naimeh Morsali; Morteza Mousakhani; Seyed Mehdi Alvani; Ali Badi Zadeh

Some frank aggregation operators based on the interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy numbers

Pages 325-342


Maryam Oraki; Madjid Eshaghi Gordji; Halimeh Ardakani

Resource allocation optimization in cloud computing using the whale optimization algorithm

Pages 343-360


Seyed Hasan Hosseini; Javad Vahidi; Seyed Reza Kamel Tabbakh; Ali Asghar Shojaei

Applying fuzzy multi-objective planning technique to prioritize projects ‎based on social responsibility and risk

Pages 361-380


Pouria Pirasteh Fard; Mehdi Abtahi

Topology optimization of elastic structures with the aim of maximizing the buckling load factor using the level set method

Pages 381-398


Ali Ghoddosian; Hesam Abhar

Competency model for human resource managers in crises

Pages 399-414


Ali Gholami; Nasrin Jazani; Abolfazl Kazemi

A Study and analysis of attacks by exploiting the source code against computer systems

Pages 415-424


Ahmed Badrulddin

On split equality variation inclusion problems in Banach spaces without operator norms

Pages 425-446


Lateef O Jolaoso; Ferdinard U. Ogbuisi; OLUWATOSIN Temitope MEWOMO

Representation of solutions of eight systems of difference equations via generalized Padovan sequences

Pages 447-471


Merve KARA; Yasin Yazlik

The effect of environmental structures on fraudulent financial reporting

Pages 473-482


Mohammad Fereydouni; Asgar Pakmaram; Nader Rezaei; Rasoul Abdi

Identifying the dimensions of successor development in central bank managers of the Islamic republic of Iran

Pages 483-494


Ebrahim Nejadabdollah; Gholamreza Memarzadeh Tehran; Asghar Moshbaki Esfahani; Seyed Abdullah Sajjadi

Curriculum design in the flipped classroom for elementary math lessons

Pages 495-518


Tahereh Afshari; Mehran Farajollahi; Saeed Mazloumian; Nazila Khatib Zanjani

A Computational Study on Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Simplified High-Speed Train: The Effects of Crosswinds and Surface Roughness

Pages 519-540


Alireza Hajipour; Arash Mirabdolah Lavasani; Mohammad Eftekhari Yazdi

An incremental intrusion detection model using alarms correlation

Pages 541-562


Mohammad Ahmadzadeh; Javad Vahidi; Behrouz Minaei Bidgoli; Alireza Pourebrahimi

A new image watermarking algorithm by using contourlet transform accompanied by PSO algorithm

Pages 563-570


Khosro Jalali; Javad Vahidi; Seyed Saleh Mohseni; Hadi Dehbovid

Superstability of the $p$-radical functional equations related to Wilson's and Kim's equation

Pages 571-582


Gwang Hui Kim

Turan Type Inequalities For a Class of Polynomials With Constraints

Pages 583-594


Shabir Ahmad Malik; Bashir Ahmad Zargar; F.A. Zargar; F.A. Sofi

Text mining based sentiment analysis using a novel deep learning approach

Pages 595-604


Enas Fadhil Abdullah; Suad A. Alasadi; Alyaa Abdulhussein Al-Joda

Perturbed First Order State Dependent Moreau's Sweeping Process

Pages 605-615


Doria Affane; Mustapha Fateh Yarou

Some Mean Square Integral Inequalities For Preinvexity Involving The Beta Function

Pages 617-632


Miguel Vivas Cortez; Muhammad Shoaib Saleema; Sana Sajid

Customer Segmentation for Life Insurance in Iran Using K-means Clustering

Pages 633-642


Farbod Khanizadeh; Farzan Khamesian; Alireza Bahiraie

Generalized $G$-Wolfe type fractional symmetric duality theorems over arbitrary cones under $(G,\rho,\theta)$-invexity assumptions

Pages 643-651


Ramu Dubeya; Rajnish Kumar; Khursheed Alam; Vishnu Narayan Mishra

An inverse problem for homogeneous time-fractional diffusion problem on the sphere

Pages 653-662


Danh Hua Quoc Nam

Existence result of global solutions for a class of generic reaction diffusion systems

Pages 663-676


Houssem Eddine Kadem; Salim Mesbahi; Saida Bendaas

A second order fitted operator finite difference scheme for a singularly perturbed degenerate parabolic problem

Pages 677-687


Nana Adjoah Mbroh; Clovis Oukouomi Noutchie; Rodrigue Yves M'pika Massoukou

A second order fitted operator finite difference scheme for a modified Burgers equation

Pages 689-698


Nana Adjoah Mbroh; Clovis Oukouomi Noutchie; Rodrigue Yves M'pika Massoukou

A study on Langevin equation with three different fractional orders

Pages 699-707


Rahmat Darzi; Abdolhadi Dabbaghian

Conservation laws and exact solutions of a generalized (2+1)-dimensional Bogoyavlensky-Konopelchenko equation

Pages 709-718


T. J. Podile; B. Muatjetjeja; Abdullahi Adem

An Optimal Socialist Cooperative Game Theory Model in Agricultural Sector (Case Study: Dezful-Andimeshk Plain)

Pages 719-731


Maryam Rezaei; Sayed-Farhad Mousavi; Ali Moridi; Madjid Eshaghi; Hojat Karami

Symmetry reductions and exact solutions of a two-wave mode Korteweg-de Vrie equation

Pages 733-743


Christina Majola; Ben Muatjetjeja; Abdullahi R. Adem

Fractional B-spline collection method for solving fractal-differential equations

Pages 745-754


Aml M. Shloof; Aisha Gewily

A numerical method for solving variable order fractional optimal control problems

Pages 755-765


Ali Ansari; Hossein Jafari; Shahriar Farahmand Rad

Various optical solutions to the (1+1)-Telegraph equation with space-time conformable derivatives

Pages 767-780


BOUBEKEUR GASMI; Arezki Kessi; Zakia Hammouch


Pages 781-792


s sadegh modarres mosadegh; Reza Dehghanizade

Use of a logistic regression model to analyze some variables in the incidence of dental caries disease

Pages 793-798


Sabah Hasan Jasim Alsaedi

Comparison some censored regression models with application to renal failure data

Pages 799-807


Sunbul Rasheed Mohammed; Anwaar Dhiaa Abdulkareem

Recognizing phishing websites based on a bayesian combiner

Pages 809-823


Omid Rahmani Seryasat; Sina Ahmadi; Pouya Yousefi; Farzad Tat Shahdost; Sareh Sanei

New Fractional Operators Theory and Applications

Pages 825-845


Khudair Obeis Hussain; Naseif J. Al-Jawari; Abdul Khaleq O. Mazeel

Maximizing the performance of the Iraqi Armed Forces and determining the optimal path for them using the dynamic programming

Pages 847-860


Wakas S. Khalaf; Maitham Mouafq Shakir; Nagham Yosif Abd-Alreda

Solving Benny-Lin Equation by Adomain Decomposition Method with Genetic Algorithm

Pages 861-871


Almutasim Abdulmuhsin Hamed; Ekhlass S. Al-Rawi; Ahmed Farooq Qasim

Deriving a Topology Function to Be Used in the Reaction Diffusion Equation for Optimization of Structures with Thermal and Mechanical Boundary Conditions

Pages 873-891


Ehsan Dehghanipour; Ali Ghoddosian

Performance evaluation of firefly algorithm with unconstrained optimization issues

Pages 893-901


Elaf Sulaiman Khaleel; Eman T. Hamed; Huda I. Ahmed

Color image encryption using linear feedback shift registers by three dimensional permutation and substitution operations

Pages 903-921


Ali Momeni Asl; Ali Broumandnia; Seyed Javad Mirabedini

Provide computational and impactful models on the development of the organic food market based on environmental factors

Pages 921-935


Neda Zarinnegar; Mehdi Mahmoodzadeh; Ghasem Eslami; Valimohammad Darini

Fast adder with the ability of multiple faults detection and correction

Pages 937-950


Hamid Tavakkolai; Gholamreza Ardeshir; Yasser Baleghi

Hand vein recognition with rotation feature matching based on fuzzy algorithm

Pages 951-958


Haitham S Hasan; Mais A Al-Sharqi

The implementation of sax and random projection for motif discovery on the orbital elements and the resonance argument of asteroid

Pages 959-970


Lala Septem Riza; Muhammad Naufal Fazanadi; Judhistira Aria Utama; Taufiq Hidayat; Khyrina Airin Fariza Abu Samah

A Bayesian approach for major European football league match prediction

Pages 971-980


Nazim Razali; Aida Mustapha; Norwati Mustapha; Filipe M Clemente

Visualizing sharia law: an information retrieval approach based on key extraction algorithm

Pages 981-996


Khyrina Airin Fariza Abu Samah; Raseeda Hamzah; Nur Nabilah Abu Mangshor; Lala Septem Riza; Norah Md Noor

Capacity enhancement in indoor environment by hybrid combiner circuit of multinetworks operator

Pages 997-1009


Suzi Seroja Sarnin; Wan Norsyafiza W Mohamad; Mohd Yusdee Yusof; Ros Shilawani S Abdul Kadir; Mohd Nor Mad Tan; Norsinnira Zainul Azlan; Zarina Baharudin Zamani

Evolutionary programming and multi-verse optimization based Technique for risk-based voltage stability control

Pages 1011-1024


Lutfiah Hanim Lut; Ismail Musirin; Muhammad Murtadha Othman; Nor Azwan Mohamed Kamari; Thuraiya Mohd; Shazlyn Milleana Shaharudin; Suraya Masrom

Application of machine learning for predicting ground surface settlement beneath road embankments

Pages 1025-1034


Rufaizal Che Mamat; Azuin Ramli; Mohd Badrul Hafiz Che Omar; Abd Manan Samad; Saiful Aman Sulaiman

Design, simulation and optimization of all-optical NOT/XOR logic gates for use in the new photonic crystal 4×2 encoder

Pages 1035-1045


Mohsen Shahi; Farzan Khatib

Classification of lung nodules in CT images using conditional generative adversarial – convolutional neural network

Pages 1047-1058


Nur Nabila Mohd Isham; Siti Salasiah Mokri; Ashrani Aizuddin Abd Rahni; Nurul Fatihah Ali

Voltage boosting capability of three phase current source inverter for standalone system

Pages 1059-1074


Chong Sin Yee; Syahrul Ashikin Azmi; Leong Jenn Hwai; Grain Adam; Siti Rafidah Abdul Rahim

Hybrid swarm evolutionary programming for optimal distributed generation in distribution system

Pages 1075-1090


Siti Rafidah Abdul Rahim; Yeap Chuan Liang; Muhamad Hatta Hussain; Ismail Musirin; Syahrul Ashikin Azmi; Azralmukmin Azmi

A computational intelligence-based technique for the installation of multi-type FACTS devices

Pages 1091-1102


Winnie Chong Mei Yen; Mohd Helmi Mansor; Sharifah Azwa Shaaya; Ismail Musirin

Correlation assessment between working and academic performance

Pages 1103-1115


Nur Shahida Ab Fatah; Nur Ainna Ramli; Dian Darina Indah Daruis; Farhana Diana Deris; Noorsidi Aizuddin Mat Noor; Aslina Baharum

An experimental study on cloud honeypot and data visualization using ELK stack

Pages 1117-1132


Fakariah Hani Mohd Ali; Muhammad Fadhli Mohd Salleh; Nurul Huda Nik Zulkipli

The causal nexus between biomass energy consumption and gross domestic production -ARDL approach

Pages 1133-1142


Sediqeh Soleimanifard

Measuring and analyzing charisma on twitter using combination weighting and TOPSIS method

Pages 1143-1158


Reza Mohamaddoust; Javad Mohammadzadeh; Majid Khalilian; Alireza Nikravanshalmani

Simulation of optical fiber cable regarding bandwidth limitations

Pages 1159-1174


Aqeel Hamza Al-fatlawi; Musaddak M. Abdul Zahra; Hussein Ali Rassool

Analysis of factors affecting health tourism in the COVID-19 crisis using fuzzy EDAS method

Pages 1175-1188


Abbas Bashiri; Seyed Mehdi Mirhosseini Alizamini; Mohammad Mehdi Nasrabadi

Smartphone-generated images to estimate canine packed cell volume with enhancement techniques

Pages 1189-1203


Baydaa Hashim Mohammed; Ahmed Sameer Abdulmohsin; Awad Kadhim Hammoud; Amer Hasan Mahmood; Al-Sharify Noor

Using remote sensing imagery and geographic information systems for mapping vegetation indices in Iraq

Pages 1205-1211


Hussain Zaydan Ali

Providing and validating a model for applying critical thinking in accounting education in universities

Pages 1213-1228


Mohsen Torkzadeh; Bahram Barzegar; Fakhteh Mahini

Design of MOESI protocol for multicore processors based on FPGA

Pages 1229-1242


Raed K Ibrahim; Laith F Jumma; Ibrahim A Amory; Aqeel Al-Hilali

Secret data transmission using advanced steganography and image compression

Pages 1243-1257


Digvijay Pandey; Subodh Wairya; Raghda Salam Al Mahdawi; Saif Al-din M Najim; Haitham Abbas Khalaf; Shokhan M Al Barzinji; Ahmed J Obaid

Analysis of average waiting time and server utilization factor using queueing theory in cloud computing environment

Pages 1259-1267


Saurabh Adhikari; Maha A Hutaihit; Moumita Chakraborty; Sawsan dheyaa Mahmood; Benjamin Durakovic; Souvik Pal; D Akila; Ahmed J Obaid

A new parallel deep learning algorithm for breast cancer classification

Pages 1269-1282


Ahmad Kazemi; Mohammad Ebrahim Shiri; Amiri Sheikhahmadi; Mohamad Khodamoradi

Secret information hiding in image randomly method using steganography and cryptography

Pages 1283-1291


Awad Kadhim Hammoud; Hatem Nahi Mohaisen; Mohammed Q Mohammed

The class of D(T)–operators on Hilbert space

Pages 1293-1298


Elaf S Abdulwahid

Effects of technology transfer on sustainable competitiveness in Thailand

Pages 1299-1309


Natarpha Satchawatee; Sutana Boonlua; Palan Jantarajaturapath

Multi-level supply chain recovery after disturbance; Mathematical modeling of Iran Khodro chain recovery

Pages 1311-1336


Seyed Majid Tabatabaei; Seyed Mohammad Seyed Hosseini; Alireza RashidiKomijan

Medical images fusion based on equilibrium optimization and discrete wavelet

Pages 1337-1354


Saeed Amiri; Ahmad Mosallanejad; Amir sheikhahmadi

Study of optimum performance of solar still process under weather conditions of Baghdad

Pages 1355-1366


Rana Mohammed Rasheed; Shmoos Abd Al Sattar Jabbar; Nada Mahdi AL Hussiny; Ahamed Mohammed Rasheed

Forward stepwise logistic regression approach for determinants of hepatitis B & C among Hiv/Aids patients

Pages 1367-1396


Faryal Shahzad; Fazeel Abid; Ahmed J Obaid; Bipin Kumar Rai; Mohsin Ashraf; Azmi Shawkat Abdulbaqi

Wildebeest optimization algorithm based on swarm intelligence method in solving optimization problems

Pages 1397-1410


Somayeh Askarpour; Maryam Saberi Anari

Review of the research status of Wechat based on the theory of use and satisfaction and the theory of planned behavior

Pages 1411-1421


Huaxiang Liu; Kuok Tiung Lee

The use and continued willingness of Chinese teenagers to use Wechat, a mobile instant messaging software: based on the theory of use and satisfaction and the theory of planned behavior

Pages 1423-1437


Huaxiang Liu; Kuok Tiung Lee

Deep learning based hand written character recognition for manuscript documents

Pages 1439-1447


T Jerry Alexander; S Suresh Kumar; N R Krishnamoorthy

Designing a Persian question answering system based on rhetorical structure theory

Pages 1449-1468


Ali Ehsani; Seyed Abdollah Amin Mousavi; Mahmood Alborzi; Maryam Rastgarpour

A review on characteristics of warehouse (hubs) management and basic analysis on warehouses operating in Chennai city

Pages 1469-1475


M Shashidharan; C Srinivasan; Yogesh Mahajan; Shameem Anwar

Research on the influence of information technology investment on production cost management innovation in the retail industry under the 020 model

Pages 1477-1495


Chen Cai

Design and implementation of folded QRS detector for implantable cardiac pacemaker

Pages 1497-1509


J Josly Priyatharsni; A Uma

Building the new class of artificial intelligence using nonlinear model ABZU

Pages 1511-1517


S Shanthini; A S Aarthi Mai

Design of window based FIR filter for electrocardiogram noise removal

Pages 1519-1528


V B Ameer Rasel; A Uma; P Kalpana

Decentralized PID control for nonlinear multivariable systems using decoupler

Pages 1529-1539


M Panneerselvam; S Chinmaya Narayany; M Farah Mariam; K Hari Priya; K Narmatha

Walking parameter estimation of human leg using extended Kalman filter

Pages 1541-1552


S Navaneethan; U Swetha

Fractional order PID control of air feed system in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell

Pages 1553-1560


Arun Kumar Pinagapani; S Iniya

DNA barcoding using particle swarm optimization on apache spark SQL case study: DNA of covid-19

Pages 1561-1572


Lala Septem Riza; Muhammad Ilham Nurfathiya; Jajang Kusnendar; Khyrina Airin Fariza Abu Samah

Ultrasound image based fully-automated nuchal translucency segmentation and thickness measurement

Pages 1573-1583


Kalyani Chaudhari; Shruti Oza

Inception based GAN for ECG arrhythmia classification

Pages 1585-1594


Neerajkumar S. Sathawane; Ulhaskumar Gokhale; Dinesh Padole; Sanjay Wankhede

Cervical spondylosis detection using deep dense auxiliary inception network

Pages 1595-1604


Pankaj Pramod Chitte; Ulhaskumar Gokhale; Vivek Kapur; Dinesh Padole

Development of retrofittable collision avoiding sensor for industrial robots

Pages 1605-1609


S. Prabhakaran; B. Vinod; S. Suresh; K. Asokkumar

Predicting periodical sales of products using a machine learning algorithm

Pages 1611-1630


A. Bhuvaneswari; T.A. Venetia

FIR and folded IIR filter designs for speech processing in hearing AID

Pages 1631-1638


B. Sai Lakshmi Chaitanya; K. Rajalakshmi

Machine learning based energy efficient multichannel resource allocation in cognitive radio networks

Pages 1639-1648


R. Vidhypriya

Early diagnosis of stroke disorder using homogenous logistic regression ensemble classifier

Pages 1649-1654


C.D. Anisha; K.G. Saranya

Optimization of web search techniques using frequency analysis

Pages 1655-1663


M. Aishwarya; N. Ilayaraja; R.M. Periakaruppan

IoT based smart water quality monitoring system

Pages 1665-1671


N. Geetha

Smart accident prevention system using sensors

Pages 1673-1678


B. Nivedetha; P. Thamaraikannan

Rain removal in single image system using CNN with guided and L0-smoothing filters

Pages 1679-1691


V. Krishnaveni; R. Keethana

Personalized local search using ontology based user profile category model

Pages 1693-1702


N. Ilayaraja; R.M. Periakaruppan

Power management in smart home based on IoT application

Pages 1703-1712


S. Karthik; Ila. Vennila

Folded monopole antenna for passive RFID tags

Pages 1713-1717


J. Agalya; P. Prabavathi; S. Subha Rani

Investigating the non-linear effects of the economic sanctions index on the relationship between monetary policy transmission channels and economic growth in Iran

Pages 1719-1730


Hossein Bastin; Seyed Abdul Hamid Sabet; Masoud Salehi Razouh; Abdolkarim Hosseinpour

A study on approximate and exact controllability of impulsive stochastic neutral integrodifferential evolution system in Hilbert spaces

Pages 1731-1743


R. Subalakshmi; B. Radhakrishnan

AHP based feature ranking model using string similarity for resolving name ambiguity

Pages 1745-1751


M. Subathra; V. Umarani

Design and implementation of the 6-DoF robotic manipulator using robot operating system

Pages 1753-1760


B. Vinod; B. Bindu; G. N. Koushik Karan; V. E. Jayanth Akash; S. Dinesh Kumar

Development of IIoT based parts replenishment system for MSME

Pages 1761-1774


V. Vijayanand; R. Jayachitra; P. Guhapranav

Numerical analysis of ‘On-Off’ control thresholds and coolant flow rate for better performance of a Lithium-Ion battery thermal management system

Pages 1775-1791


R. Suresh Kumar; P.K. Rajesh; S. Neelakrishnan

Metric dimension of rough graphs

Pages 1793-1806


K. Anitha; R. Aruna Devi; M. Munir; K.S. Nisar

Development of regenerative shock absorber using the piezoelectric patch for electric vehicles

Pages 1807-1825


N. G. Bathrinath; M. Yuvaraja

Design and implementation of low complexity LMS adaptive filter

Pages 1827-1833


V. Chowthri; A. Uma; P. Kalpana

A comparative analysis on driver drowsiness detection using CNN

Pages 1835-1843


V. Naren Thiruvalar; E. Vimal

An enhanced MAC protocol to prioritize channel assignment for safety message broadcast in VANET

Pages 1845-1854


K.V. Anusuya; M. Sakthi Priya

Development of virtual reality application for centrifugal pump impeller–machining process for training purpose

Pages 1855-1862


J. Kanchana; S. Sindhya

Design of MRAC and modified MRAC for DC motor speed control

Pages 1863-1871


M. Manimozhi; A. Angeline Rajathi

Estimate the value of CdTe thermal evaporation activation energy

Pages 1873-1883


Esraa Faiq; Ali M. Ahmed; Lujain N. Yousif; Mohammed Q. Mohammed

A pixel contrast based medical image steganography to ensure and secure patient data

Pages 1885-1904


Mohammed Mahdi Hashim; Ali A. Mahmood; Mohammed Q. Mohammed

Fuzzy Aboodh transform for higher-order derivatives

Pages 1905-1911


Samir Alshebly; Ameera Alkiffai; Athraa Kadhim

Standard analysis of factors affecting oil prices in the world market under the theory of rational expectations

Pages 1913-1935


Marwa Ayad Mohammed Badr; Wedad Ador Wadi

Numerical and experimental full synchronization of $2\times 2$ optoelectronic device network

Pages 1937-1946


Farah Farman; Hind A. Jasim; Ahmed Sameer; Asmaa Abdulrahman Haneen

Copy-move forgery detection using a bat algorithm with mutation

Pages 1947-1955


Ehsan Amiri; Ahmad Mosallanejad; Amir sheikhahmadi

Comparison of classification techniques based on medical datasets

Pages 1957-1964


Alyaa Abdulhussein Al-Joda; Enas Fadhil Abdullah; Suad A. Alasadi

Solution of n-th order interval fuzzy differential IAL equations using the backstepping method

Pages 1965-1985


Muna S Abbas; Fadhel S Fadhel

A bankruptcy based approach to solving multi-agent credit assignment problem

Pages 1987-2018


Hossein Yarahmadi; Mohammad Ebrahim Shiri; Hamidreza Navidi; Arash Sharifi

Book recommendation and meaning systems for blind persons

Pages 2019-2023


Mohammed Ali Mohammed; Karim Q. Hussein; Mustafa Dhiaa Al-Hassani

Content analysis of science textbooks from the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades of elementary school based on the degree of emphasis on the dimensions of the health curriculum

Pages 2025-2042


Marzieh Molavi Ghalani; Mohammadreza Yousefzadeh Choosari; Farhad Seraji

Factors affecting customers' in-store shopping experience (Case study: Hypermarkets in Tehran)

Pages 2043-2055


Fatemeh Hassannejad; Hassan Esmailpour; Hamidreza Saeednia

Big data implementation in Tesla using classification with rapid miner

Pages 2057-2066


Johanes Fernandes Andry; Julia Gunadi; Glisina Dwinoor Rembulan; Hendy Tannady

Traffic prediction algorithm based on multi-path routing for MANETs

Pages 2067-2076


C. R. Mamatha; M. Ramakrishna

Novel roadside unit placement mechanism for 5G vehicular Adhoc networks in the urban environment

Pages 2077-2086


K. Suresh Kumar Reddy; V. Tamizhazhagan; V. Senthil Murugan

A comparative analysis on various block truncation methods in the E-learning environment

Pages 2087-2092


R.D. Sivakumar; K. Ruba Soundar

Jackknifing K-L estimator in generalized linear models

Pages 2093-2104


Abed Ali Hamad; Zakariya Yahya Algamal

Harmonium note and triad music transcription using neural networks

Pages 2105-2123


Surekha B. Puri; Shrinivas P. Mahajan

MFCC based hybrid fingerprinting method for audio classification through LSTM

Pages 2125-2136


K. Banuroopa; D. Shanmuga Priyaa

The optimal time slot selection and feature selection for the prediction of drugs for diseases

Pages 2137-2151


B. Nithya; G. Anitha

Energy-efficient QoS routing algorithm for mobile AD-HOC networks

Pages 2153-2166


C. R. Mamatha; M. Ramakrishna

Interacting anisotropic dark energy with time dependent inhomogeneous equation of state

Pages 2167-2180


Md Khurshid Alam; S. Surendra Singh

Calculation reduced transition probabilities (BE2 $ \downarrow $) for two holes in 64Ni within modified surface-delta interaction

Pages 2181-2188


Ali Khalaf Hasan; Dalal Naji Hameed

A new general polynomial transforms for solving ordinary differential equations with variable coefficients

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Numerical simulation of a power-law inelastic fluid in axisymmetric contraction by using a Taylor Galerkin-pressure correction finite element method

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Properties of measures of association within an extended FGM

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Fourth-order differential subordination and superordination results of meromorphic multivalent functions defined by multiplier transformation

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The effect of fair value accounting on the drops in stock prices of banks listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange

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Designing a hybrid model for stock marketing prediction based on LSTM and transfer learning

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Modeling the professional judgment of the auditor

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Interval model for calculating prospect cross efficiency of data envelopment analysis and providing a solution for its expansion in fuzzy model

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The impact of performance management in enhancing strategic response process: field research in the middle refineries company

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