Mixed Topp-Leone-Kumaraswamy distribution

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Information Technology, Technical College of Management-Baghdad, Middle Technical University, Baghdad, Iraq


In this article, a new generalization of the Topp-Leone distribution with a unit interval, namely Mixed Topp-Leone-Kumaraswamy distribution is defined and studied. The mathematical properties of this mixing distribution are described. Moments, quantile function, R?nyi entropy, incomplete moments and moments of residual are obtained for the new Mixed Topp-Leone - Kumaraswamy distribution. The maximum likelihood (MLE), Crans (CM) , Percentile (PM) and Particle Swarm Optimization(PSO) estimators of the parameters are derived. The percentile Method is more efficient method as compred to the others. Two real data sets are used to illustrate an application and superiority of the proposed distribution.