Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 2, July 2021 
Existence result of solutions for a class of nonlinear differential systems

Pages 1-10

Salim Mesbahi

About solving stochastic It\^{o}-Volterra integral equations using the spectral collocation method

Pages 11-24

Zeinab Taheri Tari; Shahnam Javadi; Esmail Babolian

Mittag-Leffler-Hyers-Ulam stability of Prabhakar fractional integral equation

Pages 25-33

Nasrin Eghbali; Aram Moharramnia; John Rassias

Fixed point results in partially ordered partial $b_{v}(s)$-metric spaces

Pages 35-52

Ebru Altiparmak; Ibrahim Karahan

Estimate survival function of the Topp-Leone exponential distribution with application

Pages 53-60

Hind Jawad Kadhim AlBderi

New subclasses of meromorphic bi-univalent functions by associated with ‎subordinate

Pages 61-74

Safa Salehian; Ahmad Motamednezhad

Expected mean square rate estimation of repeated measurements model

Pages 75-83

Hayder Abbood Kori; Abdulhussein Saber AL-Mouel

On the Cauchy dual and complex symmetric of composition operators

Pages 85-97

Morteza Sohrabi

On the $\Psi$-instability of a nonlinear Lyapunov matrix differential equation with integral term as right side

Pages 99-113

Aurel Diamandescu

A new method for solving three-dimensional nonlinear Fredholm integral equations by Haar wavelet

Pages 115-133

Manochehr Kazemi; Vali Torkashvand; Reza Ezzati

Predicting drug-target interaction based on bilateral local models using a decision tree-based hybrid support vector machine

Pages 135-144

Ali Ghanbari sorkhi; Majid Iranpour Mobarakeh; Seyed Mohammad Reza Hashemi; Maryam Faridpour

Predicting with the quantify intensities of transcription factor-target genes binding using random forest technique

Pages 145-161

Ameer K. AL-Mashanji; Sura Z. AL-Rashid

On the spectrum and fine spectrum of an upper triangular double-band matrix on sequence spaces

Pages 163-171

Sinan Ercan

Dislocated quasi rectangular $b$-metric spaces and fixed point theorems of cyclic and weakly cyclic contractions

Pages 173-191

Pradip Gunvant Golhare; Chintaman Aage

Variation of the first eigenvalue of $(p,q)$-Laplacian along the Ricci-harmonic flow

Pages 193-204

Shahroud Azami

Existence of solutions for a quasilinear elliptic system with variable exponent

Pages 205-217

Elhoussine Azroul; Farah Balaadich

Dhage iteration principle for IVPs of nonlinear first order impulsive differential equations

Pages 219-235

Bapurao C. Dhage; Janhavi B. Dhage

Newton-Taylor polynomial solutions of systems of nonlinear differential equations with variable coefficients

Pages 237-248

Bahman Babayar-Razlighi

Optimal pricing policy for stock dependent demand with effective investment in preservation technology

Pages 249-264

Ram Kumar Tiwari; Nishant Kumar Khedlekar; Uttam Kumar Khedlekar

Stability of (1,2)-total pitchfork domination

Pages 265-274

Lamees K. Alzaki; Mohammed A. Abdlhusein; Amenah Kareem Yousif

Projection and multi-projection methods for second kind Volterra-Hammerstein integral equation

Pages 275-291

Moumita Mandal; Kapil Kant; Gnaneshwar Nelakanti

A common fixed point theorem via measure of noncompactness

Pages 293-296

Alireza Valipour Baboli; Mohammad Bagher Ghaemi

Fixed points for Banach and Kannan contractions in $G$-metric spaces endowed with a graph

Pages 297-304

Nahid Sadat Mohseni; Hashem P. Masiha; Hamid Mamghaderi

Bifurcation and chaos in a one mass discrete time vocal fold dynamical model

Pages 305-315

Mehdi Fatehi Nia; Mohamad Hossein Akrami

Hyers-Ulam types stability of nonlinear summation equations with delay

Pages 317-326

Usman Riaz; Akbar Zada

A Simple proof for the algorithms of relaxed $(u, v)$-cocoercive mappings and $\alpha$-inverse strongly monotone mappings

Pages 327-333

Ebrahim Soori; Ravi Agarwal; Donal ORegan

Convergence theorems of a new multiparametric family of Newton-like method in Banach space

Pages 335-362

P K PARIDA; Chandni Kumari

Several integral inequalities and their applications on means

Pages 363-374

Gholamreza Zabandan

Almost $\alpha$-$F$-contraction, fixed points and applications

Pages 375-386

Deepak Kumar; Anita Tomar; Sumit Chandok; Sharma Ritu

Sequential bipolar metric space and well-posedness of fixed point problems

Pages 387-398

Kushal Roy; Mantu Saha

A nonunique common fixed point theorem of Rhoades type in b-metric spaces with applications

Pages 399-413

Taieb Hamaizia; Abdelkrim Aliouche

Feeble regular and feeble normal spaces in $\alpha$-topological spaces using graph

Pages 415-423

Balqees K. Mahmoud; Yousif Y. Yousif

Inequalities for $tgs$-convex functions via some conformable fractional integrals

Pages 425-436

Naila Mehreen; Matloob Anwar

Existence of farthest points in Hilbert spaces

Pages 437-446

Hamid Mazaheri Tehrani; Raham Rahmani Jafarbeigi

A Robust Encryption Technique Using Enhanced Vigenre Cipher

Pages 447-454

Hazim Noman Abed; Zainab Mohammed Ali; Ahmed Luay Ahmed

The outbreak disease due to the contamination environment and effect on dynamical behavior of prey-predator model

Pages 455-470

Murtadha M. Abdulkadhim; Hassan Fadhil Al-Husseiny

On some maps into Banach algebras and Banach modules

Pages 471-477

Bahman Hayati

Investigating 1-perfect code using Dominating set

Pages 479-483

Fatemeh Halataei; saeed Mohammadian

Kalman filter and ridge regression backpropagation algorithms

Pages 485-493

Irtefaa A. Neamah; Zainab Abdul Redhaa

Linear maps and covariance sets

Pages 495-497

Mohammad Hossein Alizadeh

A graph associated to proper non-small subsemimodules of a semimodule

Pages 499-509

Ahmed H. Alwan

Strong convergence theorems for minimization, variational inequality and fixed point problems for quasi-nonexpansive mappings using modified proximal point algorithms in real Hilbert spaces

Pages 511-526

Thierno Sow

The approximate analytical solutions of nonlinear fractional ordinary differential equations

Pages 527-535

Lamees K. Alzaki; Hassan Kamil Jassim

Fuzzy equality co-neighborhood domination of graphs

Pages 537-545

Sahib Sh. Kahat; Ahmed Omran; Manal Al-Harere

Meta-heuristic innovative algorithm of multi-objectives in tasks timing at cloud computing system

Pages 547-561

Mohsen Sojoudi; Ahmad Tavakoli; Alireza Pooya; Mehdi Norouzi

Bessel transforms of Dini-Lipschitz functions on Lebesgue spaces $L_{p,\gamma}(\mathbb{R}^{n}_{+})$

Pages 563-568

Esra Kaya; Ismail Ekincioglu

Some inference of the repeated measurements model

Pages 569-581

Ammar Abdul Ameer AL-Hassan; Abdul Hussein S. AL-Moula

Nonlinear instability analysis of a vertical cylindrical magnetic sheet

Pages 583-601

Marwa H Zekry; Galal M. Moatimid; Yusry El-Dib

The impact of subband pause noise on the sensitivity of detection methods

Pages 603-607

Entidhar Malik Hadi; Reham Ihssan Kamal; Ali M. Ahmed

On the degree of approximation of certain continuous bivariate functions by double matrix means of a double Fourier series

Pages 609-628

Xhevat Z. Krasniqi

Using the infimum form of auxiliary functions to study the common coupled coincidence points in fuzzy semi-metric spaces

Pages 629-663

Hsien-Chung Wu

Generalized Mittag-Leffler stability of nonlinear fractional regularized Prabhakar differential systems

Pages 665-678

Shiva Eshaghi; Alireza Ansari; Reza Khoshsiar Ghaziani

On fractional differential equations and fixed point theory

Pages 679-697

Mohadeseh Paknazar

Mixed Topp-Leone-Kumaraswamy distribution

Pages 699-715

Nashaat Jasim Al-Anber

Fixed point in bicomplex valued metric spaces

Pages 717-727

Ismat Beg; Sanjib Kumar Datta; Dipankar Pal

Dynamical analysis, stability and discretization of fractional-order predator-prey model with negative feedback on two species

Pages 729-741

Alireza Vahidi; Esmail Babolian; Nader Biranvand

Comparison between Renyi GME and Tsallis GME for estimation Kink regression

Pages 743-750

Saad Obaid Jameela; Basim Shlaibah Msallamb

Some types of fibrewise fuzzy topological spaces

Pages 751-756

M. A. Hussain; Y Y. Yousif

Hybrid medical image compression using the IKL transform with an efficient encoder

Pages 757-767

S. Saravanan; Sujitha Juliet

Rough continuity and rough separation axioms in $G_m$-closure approximation spaces

Pages 769-782

Yousif Yaqoub Yousif

Fibrewise totally perfect mapping

Pages 783-792

Yousif Yaqoub Yousif; Amira R. Kadzam

An approximate solution of integral equation using Bezier control Points

Pages 793-798

Asmaa N. Al-Janabi; Farah J. Al Zahed; Ahmad Hadi Hussain

Gronwall type inequalities: new fractional integral results with some applications on hybrid differential equations

Pages 799-809

Ferraoun Ferraoun; Zoubir Dahmani

Ulam-Hyers stability for fuzzy delay differential equation

Pages 811-824

Vu Ho; Dong Si Le

Shrinking approximation method for solution of split monotone variational inclusion and fixed point problems in Banach spaces

Pages 825-842

Francis Akutsah; Narain Ojen Kumar; Abass Hammed Anuoluwapo; Akindele Adebayo Mebawondu

A topology on a ring part of IS-algebra

Pages 843-848

Fatema F. Kareem; Reyadh. D. Ali

The new integral transform and its applications

Pages 849-856

Eman A. Mansour; Sadiq Mehdi; Emad A. Kuffi

A new method of linear support vector‎ ‎regression with ‎interval‎ ‎data‎‎

Pages 857-868

Mojtaba Baymani; Hoda Saffaran; Nima Salehi-M.

Grasp on next generation security operation centre (NGSOC): Comparative study

Pages 869-895

Yau Ti Dun; Mohd Faizal Ab Razak; Mohamad Fadli Zolkiplib; Tan Fui Bee; Ahmad Firdaus

Approximation of Fourier series in terms of functions in $L_p$ Spaces for $0

Pages 897-911

Sahab Mohsen Aboud; Eman Samir Bhaya

An inverse triple effect domination in graphs

Pages 913-919

Zinah H. Abdulhasan; Mohammed A. Abdlhusein

Automatic detection lung infected COVID-19 disease using deep learning (Convolutional Neural Network)

Pages 921-929

Mali H. Hakem Alameady; Ahmed Fahad; Alaa Abdullah

Big data analysis by using one covariate at a time multiple testing (OCMT) method: Early school dropout in Iraq

Pages 931-938

Ahmed Mahdi Salih; Munaf Yousif Hmood

Fibrewise totally compact and locally totally compact spaces

Pages 939-948

Amira R. Kadzam; Yousif Yaqoub Yousif

Effects of static magnetic field on dye extracted from Anchusa-Italica through optimization the optoelectronic properties

Pages 949-960

Fatima H. Malek; Tahseen Alaridhee; Abdullah A. Hussein; Arwa H. M. AL-Saeed

Bayes estimators of a multivariate generalized hyperbolic partial regression model

Pages 961-975

Sarmad Abdulkhaleq Saliha; Emad Hazim Aboudib

Non-Bayesian estimation of Weibull Lindley burr XII distribution

Pages 977-989

Etab Kazem Amer; Nabeel Jawad Hassan; Hassan Kamil Jassim

Customer lifetime value analysis in the banking industry with an emphasis on brand equity

Pages 991-1004

Bahram Seyedin; Mojtaba Ramazani; Hossein Bodaghi Khajeh Noubar; Yaghob Alavimatin

Biomechanical analysis of long pass in U-19 women football players

Pages 1005-1021

Rumi Iqbal Doewes; Gunathevan Elumalai; Siti Hartini Azmi; Ubaidillah Ubaidillah

The level of representation of some learning styles in the content of Mathematics books for the 4th preparatory class (analysis - evaluation study)

Pages 1023-1050

Ali Hussein Oleiwi Nasir

Fibrewise Slightly Perfect Topological Spaces

Pages 1051-1059

Yousif Yaqoub Yousif; Mohammed G . Mousa

The numerical solution of bioheat equation based on shifted Legendre polynomial

Pages 1061-1070

Hameeda O. Al-Humedi; Firas A. Al-Saadawi

A new approach of classical Hill Cipher in public key cryptography

Pages 1071-1082

Rajaa K. Hasoun; Sameerah Faris Khlebus; Huda Kadhim Tayyeh

The awareness effect of the dynamical behavior of SIS epidemic model with Crowley-Martin incidence rate and holling type III treatment function

Pages 1083-1097

Ahmed A. Mohsen; Hassan Fadhil Al-Husseiny; Khalid Hattaf

Study of the dual ideal of KU-algebra

Pages 1099-1107

Qasim Mohsin Luhaib; Fatema Faisal Kareem

Existence results for common solution of equilibrium and vector equilibrium problems

Pages 1109-1120

Sirous Moradi; Milad Firozeh

Common fixed point of generalized weakly contractive mappings on orthogonal modular spaces with applications

Pages 1121-1140

Fatemeh Lael

Face recognition via weighted non-negative sparse representation

Pages 1141-1150

Hoda Khosravi; Aboozar Ghaffari; Javad Vahidi

On generalisation of Brown's conjecture

Pages 1151-1155

Ishfaq Nazir; Mohammad Ibrahim Mir; Irfan Ahmad Wani

On fixed point in C*-algebra valued metric spaces using $C_*$-class function

Pages 1157-1161

Deepak Kumar; Dhariwal Rishi; Choonkil Park; Jung Rye Lee

Multi-objective optimization with modified Taguchi approach to specify optimal robot spray painting process parameters

Pages 1163-1174

Swetha Danthala; Seeram Srinivasa Rao; Boggarapu Nageswara Rao; Kasiprasad Mannepalli

Detection of plant leaf nutrients using convolutional neural network based Internet of Things data acquisition

Pages 1175-1186

R Sathyavani; K JaganMohan; B Kalaavathi

Supervision calamity of public opinion actions based on field programmable gate array and machine learning

Pages 1187-1198

A Srinivasa Rao; Brahmadesam Viswanathan Krishna; D Saravanan; D Beulah David; O Rama Devi; Anju Asokan; D Stalin David

A new modification of Kalman filter algorithm

Pages 1199-1212

Ahmed Raad Radhi; Zainab Abdul Redhaa; Irtefaa A. Neamah

The generalized (2 + 1) and (3+1)-dimensional with advanced analytical wave solutions via computational applications

Pages 1213-1241

Faeza L. Hasan; Mohamed A. Abdoon

Modelling covid-19 data using double geometric stochastic process

Pages 1243-1254

Omar R. Jasim; Qutaiba N. Nauef

Improvement in credit card fraud detection using ensemble classification technique and user data

Pages 1255-1265

Evan Madhi Hamzh Al Rubaie

Viscous dissipation and thermal radiation effects on the flow of Maxwell nanofluid over a stretching surface

Pages 1267-1287

G Narender; K Govardhan; G Sreedhar Sarma

New common best proximity point theorems in complete metric space with weak $P$-property

Pages 1289-1297

Ali Ganjbakhsh Sanatee; Mahdi Iranmanesh

Fixed point theorems of non-commuting mappings in b-multiplicative metric spaces

Pages 1299-1315

Maibam Ranjit Singh; Thangjam Bimol Singh; Yumnam Mahendra Singh

Best proximity point theorems by $K$, $C$ and $\mathcal{MT}$ types in $b$-metric spaces with an application

Pages 1317-1329

Setareh Ghezellou; Mahdi Azhini; Mehdi Asadi

Dynamic investment portfolio optimization using a multivariate Merton model with correlated jump risk

Pages 1331-1341

Bahareh Afhami; Mohsen Rezapour; Mohsen Madadi; Vahed Maroufy

Some properties of generalized fundamentally nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces

Pages 1343-1352

Mohammad Moosaei

A secure ECG signal transmission for heart disease diagnosis

Pages 1353-1370

Azmi Shawkat Abdulbaqi; Abbas Abdulazeez Abdulhameed; Ahmed J Obaid

Modelling US-China relationship: A game theory perspective

Pages 1371-1382

Nader Asghari; Madjid Eshaghi; Ali Ghaffari

Analysing the impact of the parametric model correction of premium rate on financing social security's long-term commitments using actuarial knowledge

Pages 1383-1397

Hadi Farhadi; Babak Jamshidinavid; Mehrdad Ghanbari; Rohollah Jamshid Pour

Variable coefficient fractional partial differential equations by Base--Chebyshev method

Pages 1399-1411

Hasan Shather

Nonlinear fractional differential equations with advanced arguments

Pages 1413-1423

Bakr H Rizqan; Dnyanoba Dhaigude

Fixed points of a new class of compatible mappings satisfying an implicit relation via inverse $C$-lass function

Pages 1425-1440

Yumnam Mahendra Singh; Mukesh Kumar Jain

Function weighted $\mathcal{G}$-metric spaces and Hausdorff $\Delta$-distances; an application to fixed point theory

Pages 1441-1452

Ehsan Lotfali Ghasab; Hamid Majani

Training analysis of optimization models in machine learning

Pages 1453-1461

Ahmed Alridha; Fadhil Abdalhasan Wahbi; Mazin Kareem Kadhim

Explaining the role of financial leverage speed of adjustment (SOA) during the firm life cycle

Pages 1463-1475

Hamed Salehi Saber; Yadolah Tariverdi; Afsaneh Tavangar; Amir Reza Keyghobadi

On the complex SEE change and systems of ordinary differential equations

Pages 1477-1483

Eman A. Mansour; Sadiq Mehdi; Emad A. Kuffi

Weak subsequential continuity in fuzzy metric spaces and application

Pages 1485-1496

Said Beloul; Anita Tomar; Sharma Ritu

Improving air pollution detection accuracy and status monitoring based ‎on supervised learning systems and Internet of Things

Pages 1497-1511

D Saravanan; K Santhosh Kumar

A Novel deep learning framework for improving the quality of services using block chain technology

Pages 1513-1529

P Parthiban; K Santhosh Kumar

Using alignment-free methods as preprocessing stage to classification whole genomes

Pages 1531-1539

Najah Abed Alhadi Shanan; Hussein Attya Lafta; Sura Z. Alrashid

Origin-destination trip pattern representative by using bluetooth data collection on the arterial road network, Bangkok, Thailand

Pages 1541-1562

Rattanaporn Kasemsri; Tetsuhiro Ishizaka; Piyapong Suwanno

Resilience in semantic networks: A new approach for studying language impairment in Alzheimer's disease

Pages 1563-1566

SomayehSadat HashemiKamangar; Shahriar Gharibzadeh; Fatemeh Bakouie

An intellectual procurement innovation of smart grid power system with wireless communication networks based on machine learning

Pages 1567-1576

M Sathya; K Gunalan; Manohar B S; T CH Anil Kumar; Shaik Shafi; G Johncy

Walsh functions and their applications to solving nonlinear fractional Volterra integro-differential equation

Pages 1577-1589

Amirahmad Khajehnasiri; Reza Ezzati; Akbar Jafari Shaerlar

Parametric regression analysis of bivariate the proportional hazards model with current status data

Pages 1591-1598

Wisam Kamil Ghafil; Rana Hasan Shamkhi

Numerical solutions of Abel integral equations via Touchard and Laguerre polynomials

Pages 1599-1609

Jalil Talab Abdullah; Bushra Sweedan Naseer; Balasim Taha Abdllrazak

The impact of diffusion of innovation model on user behavioral intention in adopting social media marketing

Pages 1611-1632

Sahar Farajnezhad; Hossein Bodaghi Khajeh Noubar; Sirus Fakhimi Azar

Solution of Riccati matrix differential equation using new approach of variational ‎iteration method

Pages 1633-1640

Fadhel S Fadhel; Huda Omran Altaie

Some applications of independent compatible edges topology

Pages 1641-1652

Asmhan Flieh Hassan; Zainab Redha Ruzoqi Zainy

Right Γ-n-derivations in prime Γ-near-rings

Pages 1653-1658

Hiba A Ahmed

A secure biomedical data sharing framework based on mCloud

Pages 1659-1671

Akeel Sh Mahmoud; Nisreen Mohammed Mahmood

Study the effect of Islamic derivatives during financial crises of 2008 using Translog function, a case study of Iraq

Pages 1673-1686

Hanan Abdaljabar Assad Al-Ukaily; Reem Taha Adbulqadeer; Hairan I Faris

Mixed fractional partial differential equations by the base method

Pages 1687-1697

Ali Salim Mohammed; Hasan Shather

Supply chain with fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP): A case study

Pages 1699-1717

Mohamed Saad Ibrahim; Barraq Subhi Kaml

Study of the rings in which each element express as the sum of an idempotent and pure

Pages 1719-1724

Akram S Mohammed; Ibrahim S Ahmed; Samah H Asaad

Application of modify RSA cryptography and randomly LSB steganography on color images of fluid flow in a channel

Pages 1725-1734

Hatem Nahi Mohaisen; Awad Kadhim Hammoud

Entire functions and some of their growth properties on the basis of generalized order (α,β)

Pages 1735-1747

Tanmay Biswas; Chinmay Biswas; Biswajit Saha

On the dynamical behavior of an Eco-Epidemiological model

Pages 1749-1767

Hiba Abdullah Ibrahim

A hybrid semi-supervised boosting to sentiment analysis

Pages 1769-1784

Jafar Tanha; Solmaz Mahmudyan; Ahmad Farahi

Implementation of hybrid cryptographic schemes in a cloud environment for enhanced medical data security

Pages 1785-1800

A Priya; S Saradha

Fixed point theorems on orthogonal complete metric spaces with an application

Pages 1801-1809

Youssef Touail; Driss El Moutawakil

Essential-small fully stable modules

Pages 1811-1816

Aseel Amer Hassan Alatuany

Classification of singular points of perturbed quadratic systems

Pages 1817-1825

Asadollah Aghajani; Mohsen Mirafzal

Stability analysis of a diseased Prey - Predator - Scavenger system incorporating migration and competition

Pages 1827-1853

Marwah Ali Yousif; Hassan Fadhil Al-Husseiny

Studying the A4-Graphs for elements of order 3 in tits group T and Mathieu group M20

Pages 1855-1860

Zainab Hasan Msheree; Mohammed Mukheef Abed; Wissam Fadhel Abid

A qualitative study of an Eco-Toxicant model with Anti-Predator behavior

Pages 1861-1882

Huda Salah Kareem; Azhar Abbas Majeed

Qualitative study of an Eco-Toxicant model with migration

Pages 1883-1902

Tuqaa A. Radiea; Azhar A. Majeed

Study of the generalized P-contractions on Banach spaces and uniqueness for stability fixed points

Pages 1903-1908

Mizal H Alobaidi; Ibrahim S Ahmed; Samah H Asaad

A mathematical model for scheduling of transportation, routing, and cross-docking in the reverse logistics network of the green supply chain

Pages 1909-1927

Seyyed mohammad Tabatabaei; Mohammadreza Safi; Mohsen Shafiei Nikabadi

The nonlinear effect in the performance of 4:2 Compressor

Pages 1929-1945

Norassadat Moosavi; Keivan Navi; Vahe Aghazarian

Generalized dynamic process for generalized $(\psi, S,F)$-contraction with applications in $b$-Metric Spaces

Pages 1947-1964

Akindele Adebayo Mebawondu; Oluwatosin Temitope Mewomo

Error correction model for estimating the relationship between GDP and inflation in the Iraqi economy (1990-2020)

Pages 1965-1979

Aqeel Hameed Farhan; Murtadha Mansour Abdullah

Identity of the connection curvature tensor of almost manifold C(λ)

Pages 1981-1989

Ali A Shihab

$C^*$-metric spaces

Pages 1991-1996

Mahdi Mowlavi; Madjid Mirzavaziri; Mohammadreza Mardanbeigi

Time series analysis of the number of Covid-19 deaths in Iraq

Pages 1997-2007

Sarab D. Shukur; Tasnim Hasan Kadhim

Nano generalized regular minimal closed sets in nano topological spaces

Pages 2009-2012

Taha H Jasim

Comparing three estimators of fuzzy reliability for one scale parameter Rayleigh distribution

Pages 2013-2020

Mohammed Kadhim Hawash; Suhad Ahmed Ahmed; Dhwyia Salman Hassan

Implementation enhancement of AVR control system within optimization techniques

Pages 2021-2027

Ahmed R. Ibrahim; Noorulden Basil; Mohammed Ibrahim Mahdi

On fluctuation analysis of different kinds of n-policy queues with single vacation

Pages 2029-2040

Hind Saad Kazem; Ali Hussein Mahmood Al-Obaidi

Rational maps whose Julia sets are quasi circles

Pages 2041-2048

Hassanein Q. Al-Salami; Iftichar Al-shara

$ii \delta_g$-closed set in topological spaces

Pages 2049-2055

Zainab Awad Kadhum; Ali Khalaf Hussain

Walsh function for solving fractional partial differential equation

Pages 2057-2068

Azhar Malik

A model for backgrounds and implications of customer experience management in dental centers considering the variable role of word of mouth using a phenomenological approach

Pages 2069-2083

Shaghayegh Shakiba Tabar; Sina Nematizadeh; Hamidreza Saeidnia

Epidemiological model Involving Two Diseases in Predator Population with Holling Type-II Functional Response

Pages 2085-2107

Atheer Jawad Kadhim; Azhar A. Majeed

Testing and fitting a Maskan bank marketing model using an integrated supply chain approach in the construction and housing industry

Pages 2109-2129

Mohammad Amir Keramat; Hamidreza Saeednia; Zahra Alipour Darvishi; Mohammad Ali Dehghan Dehnavi

On first excess level analysis of hysteretic bilevel control queue with multiple vacations

Pages 2131-2144

Ekram Abdul Zahra Ali; Ali Hussein Mahmood Al-Obaidi

q-homotopy analysis method for solving nonlinear Fredholm integral equation of the second kind

Pages 2145-2152

Rajaa Karim Jbr; Adil AL-Rammahi

More on the Hermit-Hadamard inequality

Pages 2153-2159

Mahmoud Hassani; Mehdi Eghbali Amlashi

Reducing explicit word vectors dimensions using BPSO-based labeling algorithm and voting method

Pages 2161-2178

Atefe Pakzad; Morteza Analoui

Fraud usage detection in internet users based on log data

Pages 2179-2188

Kareem K Ibrahim; Ahmed J Obaid

Trust based blockchain security management in edge computing

Pages 2189-2197

D. Jayakumar; K. Santhosh Kumar; R. Sathya

Intrusion detection in computer networks using a cost sensitive ensemble classifier

Pages 2199-2206

Alaa Thamer Mahmood; Raed Kamil Naser

The impact of alternative resources and fear on the dynamics of the food chain

Pages 2207-2234

Aseel. A. Abd; Raid Kamel Naji

Analysis of a harvested discrete-time biological models

Pages 2235-2246

Sadiq Al-Nassir; Alaa Hussein Lafta

Forecasting enhancement using a Hodrick-Prescott filter

Pages 2247-2262

Aseel Sameer Mohamed; Nooriya A. Mohammed

Suggested methods for prediction using semiparametric regression function

Pages 2263-2267

Aseel Sameer Mohamed

A proposed method for cleaning data from outlier values using the robust RFCH method in structural equation modeling

Pages 2269-2293

Omar Salim Ibrahim; Mohammed Jasim Mohammed

Option for optimal extraction to indicate recognition of gestures using the self-improvement of the micro genetic algorithm

Pages 2295-2302

Bassam Talib Sabri; Noaman Ahmed Yaseen AL-Falahi; Isam Adil Salman

Energy Aware Multi Objective Algorithm for Task Scheduling on DVFS-Enabled Cloud Datacenters using Fuzzy NSGA-II

Pages 2303-2331

Saeed Fatehi; Homayun Motameni; Behnam Barzegar; Mehdi Golsorkhtabaramiri

Impact of renewable energy sources integration with power grid systems through several methodology's

Pages 2333-2344

Omar A. AlKawak; Ali R. Ramul

Hybrid encryption using playfair and RSA cryptosystems

Pages 2345-2350

Raghad K. Salih; Madeha Sh. Yousif

On approximation by Szasz-Mirakyan-Schurer-Kantrovich operators preserving $e^{−bx}, b > 0$

Pages 2351-2358

Abdulsattar Ali Hussein; Alaa Adnan Auad

Inclined magnetic field and heat transfer of asymmetric and Porous Medium Channel on hyperbolic tangent peristaltic flow

Pages 2359-2372

Shahad Ali Abdulla; Liqaa Zeki Hummadya

Some results on fuzzy soft sesquilinear functional

Pages 2373-2382

Salim Dawood Mohsen; Jaafer Hmood Eidi; ayed hashoosh

Application of Nonlinear Mathematical Modeling in Panel data analyses of the pecking order theory in capital structure Using Multiple Regression: Evidence from the Tehran Stock Exchange

Pages 2383-2401

Amin Heydari; Mahmoud Hematfar; Mohammad Hassan Janani

Automated prediction of endometriosis using deep learning

Pages 2403-2416

S Visalaxi; T Sudalai Muthu

Set-valued nonlinear contractive operators in $PM$-spaces

Pages 2417-2427

Ehsan Lotfali Ghasab; Hamid Majani; Erdal Karapinar; Ghasem Soleimani Rad

Impact of early treatment programs on Swine flu infection with optimal controls: Mathematical model

Pages 2429-2451

Hema Purushwani; Chanda Purushwani; Poonam Sinha

Enhancement of Electro Hydraulic Position Servo Control System Utilising Ant Lion Optimiser

Pages 2453-2461

Hamzah M. Marhoon; Ahmed R. Ibrahim; Noorulden Basil

Characteristics of penta-open sets in penta topological spaces

Pages 2463-2475

Rana B Yaseen; Ali A Shihab; Mizal H Alobaidi

Designing a system for identifying persons using 3d images

Pages 2477-2481

Suad Abed Alwahab; Hadeel Jameel Nassr; Baydaa Jaffer Al-Khafaji

Design and simulation of optical logic gates based on insulator - metal – insulator (IMI) plasmonic waveguides for optical communications

Pages 2483-2497

Wissam Abed Jasim; Faris Mohammed Ali; Ahmed Kareem Abdullah; Mohammed Ahmed AbdulNabi

Strategies and challenges of implementing social responsibilities based on compliance auditing banking services to stakeholders and its effect on reducing the gap between expectations

Pages 2499-2515

Mokhtar Felehgari; Babak Jamshidinavid; Mehrdad Ghanbari; Rohollah Jamshidpour

On the existence of solutions for the variational inequality problem $V I(A, \psi, \phi,g;K)$

Pages 2517-2529

mohsen alimohammadi; Maysam Gilak

Weakly disk-cyclic mixing operators

Pages 2531-2537

Rana Abdulkareem; Zeana Zaki Jamil

Score for some groups \({SUT}(2, p)\)

Pages 2539-2544

Dunya Mohamed Hameed; Ahmed Kareem Mohsin; Intidhar Zamil Mushtt

Semi local hollow modules

Pages 2545-2553

Nada K. Abdullah; Nada J. Mohammed

Analysis of the structural reliability of dental filling under the effect of mouthwash G.U.M

Pages 2555-2569

Lamiaa Abdul-Jabbar Dawod; Entsar Arebe Fadam

Some Properties of $\delta$-integral with respect $\delta-$ fuzzy Measure

Pages 2571-2576

Firas Hussean Maghool; Zainb Hassan Radhy

Organizational entrepreneurship barriers in sport organizations (IRI. Gymnastics Federation)

Pages 2577-2588

Seyed Taher Alavy Namvar; Ali Mohamad Safania; Mohamad Reza Boroumand; Akbar Afarinesh Khaki

On the $(4\nu,3)$-arcs in $PG(2,q)$ and the related linear codes

Pages 2589-2599

Hanan J. Al_Mayyahi; Mohammed A. Alabbood

Energy efficient Q learning based Kullback sparse encoder for traffic and congestion control data delivery in WSN

Pages 2601-2618

V L Narayanan; P Tamil Selvan

Directed Power Graphs

Pages 2619-2657

Elham Mokhtarian Dehkordi; Madjid Eshaghi; Sirous Moradi; Zahra Yarahmadi