Hybrid medical image compression using the IKL transform with an efficient encoder

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Karunya Institute of Technology and sciences, India.


Medical images are generated in a huge number in the research centers and hospitals every day.
Working with the medical images and maintain the storage needs an efficient fund and huge storage
space. Retaining the quality of the medical image is also very essential. Image compression without
losing its quality is the only term to achieve the desired task. Achieving the desired task using
the integer Karhunen Loeve transform attains a quality output and also with less storage space.
JPEG and JPEG 2000 are also challenging to the integer transform based compression. Resulting
the compression quality in terms of peak signal noise ratio, compression ratio is attained. Proposed
method of compression is compared with the other efficient algorithms. Thus this proposed method
can be used efficiently for the medical image in order to store and retrieve in healthcare industry.