Effects of static magnetic field on dye extracted from Anchusa-Italica through optimization the optoelectronic properties

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Material Science, Polymer Research Centre, University of Basrah, Iraq

2 Department of chemistry, College of Science, University of Basrah, Iraq


The dye extracted from the plant is already well used in optoelectronic applications for its easy
and safe handling. This study is to demonstrate the effect of magnetized distilled water on dye
extracted from Anchusa-Italica flowers. The results of its optoelectronic behavior reveal that the
use of magnetized water in the extraction process results in different and better properties than
processes in which ordinary water was used. The structural analysis of Anchusa-Italica dye thin-film
was performed using the Fourier-transform infrared technique (FT-IR). The optical responses, such
as the absorption coefficient, absorption spectra, both standard and refractive indices, and electronic
properties (optical energy gap) were studied using Ultraviolet-Visible transmittance spectra range
300–900 nm. The calculated energy band gap of the dye extracted using magnetized water was
decreased from 3.23 to 2.35 eV and turned into the preferred direct band gap to make a useful
contribution to optical sources. The optical absorption spectra of the dye extracted using magnetized
water appear to have a better efficiency compared to that extracted with ordinary water. A significant
evolution in the absorption coefficient was obtained by employing magnetized water to extract the
dye. The magnetized extraction process also modified the electronic transmission values (indirect
to direct). The effect of magnetized water on the resonance mode and transparent indication was
deduced by studying the complex refractive index. An increase appeared in the spectrum of the
absorption index at a wavelength of 570 nm, whereas a small attenuation coefficient was observed as
well. The important effects of magnetized dye extraction will highly benefit the field of optoelectronic