The impact of diffusion of innovation model on user behavioral intention in adopting social media marketing

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Management, Economics and Accounting, Department of Management, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran.


Social media has become a new orientation and attitude for businesses today. Tools and methods for communicating with the customers have changed enormously with the revelation of social media and it has become a channel and an instrument that marketers can extend their marketing campaigns to a wider range of consumers. The research purpose of this article is to analyze the impact of diffusion of innovation model on behavioral intention in adopting social media marketing with the moderator role of subjective norms in Iranian users.  By making use of an online exploration, this study gathers data from 253 experienced social-media users in Iran. We have utilized partial least squares structural equation modeling to examine the links between items of diffusion of innovation model, social media marketing adoption, behavioral intention and subjective norms. The results revealed that diffusion of innovation influence was found as a nominative determinant of users’ behavioral intention to adopting social media marketing while behavioral intentions were also found to have positive significant association towards users’ behavioral intention to adopt social media marketing. In addition, the results of the empirical study showed that subjective norms moderated the relation between diffusion of innovation and customer behavioral intention.