A secure biomedical data sharing framework based on mCloud

Document Type : Research Paper


Computer Center, University Of Anbar, Iraq.


Medical Clouds (mCloud) utilized various wearable devices and sensors for better care for patients by encouraging the perspective of the clouds. It gives a more versatile way to centrally and in real-time compare the patients’ profiles in the conventional health-offline system. However, due to the lack of appropriate security measures in low-power computers, there are obstacles to data protection. The limitation made the data vulnerable to hacking and tamper when it transfers from one device to another. In available solutions, the devices send unencrypted data to a central server where it encrypts and forwards, on-demand, to requesting devices. There are two primary challenges in the approach: first, the data link is still vulnerable between the source device and central server; second, the response time of the server gets slower with an increasing number of devices. This manuscript proposes a secure and faster-distributed method, which shares a patient’s data by various devices connected to the mCloud with health caregivers without the need for the centralized server. The research harnesses the power of other locally available mCloud and related devices that have more computational capability. Our experimental results demonstrate that with the number increasing of mCloud devices on the network, the percentage of encrypted data transmissions also increase since there are more chances to find a nearby secure device. Results further shows a decrease in the total response time from 0.6ms to 0.4ms utilizing the proposed distributed vs centralized system.