On approximation by Szasz-Mirakyan-Schurer-Kantrovich operators preserving $e^{−bx}, b > 0$

Document Type : Research Paper


1 aUniversity of Anbar, Education College for women, Ramadi, Iraq

2 University of Anbar, Education College for pure science, Department of Mathematics, Ramadi, Iraq


Through this treatise, a study has been submitted about modified of Szasz-Mirakyan-Schurer-Kantrovich operators which that preserving \(e^{- bx\ },b > 0\) function. We interpret and study the uniform convergence of the modern operators to \(\text{\ f}\). Also, by analyzing the asymptotic conduct of our operator.


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Volume 12, Issue 2
November 2021
Pages 2351-2358
  • Receive Date: 05 March 2021
  • Revise Date: 27 June 2021
  • Accept Date: 12 July 2021