Enhancement of Electro Hydraulic Position Servo Control System Utilising Ant Lion Optimiser

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Computer Techniques Engineering, Al-esraa University College, Baghdad, Iraq


In this article, ant lion optimiser algorithm is proposed for resolve the working of the electro-hydraulic
position servo control scheme on controlling in the general position when compared with local position
like the mechanism of work that inspired from particle swarm optimization algorithm in additional
to that servo valve contributed by ant lion optimizer algorithm that enhanced and improved the
hydraulic cylinder working by using the conventional proportional integral derivative (PID) controller
in utilize the optimized algorithm that works as attractive solution added as artificial intelligent
algorithm to enhanced the proposed system to achieve best performance for the PID controller and
the results analysis achieved for maximum overshooting, rising time, settling time 0 %, 0.020 (sec),
0.0115 (sec) respectively and this work is implemented using MATLAB Simulink