Designing a system for identifying persons using 3d images

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Ministry of Education, Iraq

2 Computer Science Department College of Education for Pure Science/ Ibn Al-Haitham University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq


Nowadays, information security has become a very important and difficult matter. Security cameras are widespread in banks, ATMs, airports, universities, offices, and anywhere with a security system. The face recognition process is one of the most demanding image analysis and computer vision tasks. Faces are biometric systems that utilized a digital image of a person to identify or authenticate that person. This system is employed in the field of security. The face recognition system is required to detect and recognize the face in the image automatically. It works by extracting and then recognizing its attributes, irrespective of expression or illumination, transitions (translation, rotation and scaling of the image) and ageing, which is a difficult task. The proposed system records the facial features of the person standing in front of the camera, such as the size, position of the nose, eyes, jawbones, and cheekbones structure. This program also allows the user to evaluate and analyze the image. This system does not require long training for technicians because it is easy to use and gives quick and accurate results compared to biometric techniques the other. It is worth noting that Matlab roll was used in the design of this program.