Design and simulation of optical logic gates based on insulator - metal – insulator (IMI) plasmonic waveguides for optical communications

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Engineering Technical College-Najaf, Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, 31001 Najaf, Iraq.

2 Kufa University, College of Engineering, Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, 54003, Iraq.


In this study, a structure has been proposed implementing the optical Plasmonic logic gates (OR, NOR, AND, NAND, NOT) using the linear Plasmonic waveguide and the double ring resonator. The results of these gates were analyzed and simulated by means of Comsol Multiphysics (5.6) using Finite Element Analysis (2-FEM). These gates were implemented in the same structure depending on the characteristic of constructive and destructive optical interference between the signals propagating in the input ports and the control port, the phase and direction of those signals, as well as the positions of these ports. Hence, the performance of these gates was measured according to two criteria, first, the optical transmission ratio and the second, the contrast ratio, which is the ratio between the transmitter ON state of logic (1) and OFF for logic (0).