Energy efficient Q learning based Kullback sparse encoder for traffic and congestion control data delivery in WSN

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Computer Science, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, Coimbatore – 21.Tamil Nadu, India


In dense traffic Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), traffic congestion can increase routing overhead and packet loss, which restricts the entire network performance, therefore a traffic-aware and congestion-control data delivery is required to control the traffic. The proposed Energy-efficient Q-learning and Kullback Sparse Encoder (EQ-KSE) method is used for traffic-aware routing and congestion-control data delivery method for WSN. The method enforces a traffic balancing strategy using the energy-efficient reward function and estimates the wireless link quality by the Energy-efficient and Q-Learning Routing algorithm. On the basis of the estimation of each wireless link, the Energy-efficient Q-Learning based Traffic-aware Routing model makes routing decisions through energy and queue length to reduce routing overhead and time significantly. With the obtained optimal routes data aggregation are performed at the sink node, causing a proportionate amount of congestion. To handle this issue, a Kullback Leibler Sparse Auto Encoder (KL-SAE) Congestion-control Data Delivery method is proposed. This KL-SAE model with the aid of the reconstruction loss function, through divergence reduces the congestion, therefore contributing to packet loss, and packet delivery ratio. Simulation results show that EQ-KSE method performs traffic-aware routing by minimizing both the route selection time and overhead. In high node density scenarios, it also betters the state-of-the-art methods in packet delivery ratio and packet loss rate.