Analysis of Cholera model with treatment noncompliance

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department Of Computer Science And Mathematics, Mountain Top University, Nigeria

2 Department of Computer Science, Lead City University, Ibadan, Nigeria


A model for transmission dynamics of cholera infection between human host and environment is developed. We incorporate the proportion of infectious individuals who do not comply with treatment into the human population. Stability analysis, as well as simulation of the model, is done. The results from the stability analysis show that the disease-free equilibrium solution is locally asymptotically stable if $R_0 < 1$ while the endemic equilibrium solution is globally asymptotically stable when $R_0 > 1$. The technical tool used for our analysis is the theory of competitive systems, compound matrices and stability of periodic orbits. Finally, we investigate, numerically, the influence of seasonal variation on the control of cholera.