Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1, March 2022 
Solvability and numerical method for non-linear Volterra integral equations by using Petryshyn’s fixed point theorem

Pages 1-28


Amar Deep; Ashish Kumar; Syed Abbas; Mohsen Rabbani

Analysis of Cholera model with treatment noncompliance

Pages 29-43


Matthew O Adewole; Taye S Faniran

Generalized $p$-Laplacian systems with lower order terms

Pages 45-55


Farah Balaadich; Elhoussine Azroul

Ulam’s stability of impulsive sequential coupled system of mixed order derivatives

Pages 57-73


Akbar Zada; Sadeeq Alam; Usman Riaz

A subgradient extragradient method for equilibrium problems on Hadamard ‎manifolds

Pages 75-84


Mahdi Ali-Akbari

Action of topological groupoid on topological space

Pages 85-89


Taghreed Hur Majeed

A study of g*-fuzzy closed set via αm in double fuzzy topological space

Pages 91-95


Sanaa I Abdullah; Hiba O. Mousa

Z-prime gamma submodule of gamma modules

Pages 97-102


Ali Abd Alhussein Zyarah; Ahmad Hadi Hussain; Hayder Kadhim Zghair

Almost maximal, e-maximal and e-simple fuzzy submodules

Pages 103-113


Maysoun A. Hamel; Inaam M. A. Hadi

Bifurcation analysis and chaos control of the population model with harvest

Pages 115-125


Ozlem Ak Gumus; A.George Selvam; R Dhineshbabu

Estimation of the survival function based on the log-logistic distribution

Pages 127-141


Amina Ibrahim; Bayda Atiya Kalaf

Legendre Kantorovich methods for Uryshon integral equations

Pages 143-157


Chafik Allouch; Mohamed Arrai; Mohammed Tahrichi

Combining B-spline least-square schemes with different weight functions to solve the generalized regularized long wave equation

Pages 159-177


Hameeda O. Al-Humedi

On the location of zeros of generalized derivative

Pages 179-184


Irfan Ahmad Wani; Mohammad Ibrahim Mir; Ishfaq Nazir

Mathematical optimization modeling for estimating the incidence of clinical diseases

Pages 185-195


Mazin Kareem Kadhim; Fadhil Abdalhasan Wahbi; Ahmed Hasan Alridha

Perturbation of wavelet frames on non-Archimedean fields

Pages 197-208


Ishtaq Ahmad; Neyaz Ahmad

Novel face detection algorithm with a mask on neural network training

Pages 209-215


Fouad Shaker Tahir; Asma Abdulelah Abdulrahman; Zanbaq Hikmet Thanon

Solving a bi-objective flexible flow shop problem with transporter preventive maintenance planning and limited buffers by NSGA-II and MOPSO

Pages 217-246


Meysam Kazemi Esfeh; Amir Abass Shojaei; Hassan Javanshir; Kaveh Khalili Damghani

Growth estimate for rational functions with prescribed poles and restricted zeros

Pages 247-252


Ishfaq Ahmad Dar; Nisar Ahmad Rather; Mohd Shafi Wani

Hadamard and Fejér type inequalities for p-convex functions via Caputo fractional derivatives

Pages 253-266


Naila Mehreen; Matloob Anwar

System of generalized nonlinear variational-like inclusion problems in 2-uniformly smooth Banach spaces

Pages 267-287


Sumeera Shafi

Some trapezoid type inequalities for generalized fractional integral

Pages 289-295


Fatma Ertuğral; Mehmet Zeki Sarikaya

Solving binary semidefinite programming problems and binary linear programming problems via multi-objective programming

Pages 297-304


Mohammadreza Safi; Seyyed Saeed Nabavi

A lightweight intrusion detection system based on RSSI for sybil attack detection in wireless sensor networks

Pages 305-320


Mahdi Sadeghizadeh

Optimization of process parameter involved in the effectiveness evaluation of continuous line manufacturing system (CLMS)

Pages 321-342


J. Logeshwaran; RM. Nachiappan

Human recognition by utilizing voice recognition and visual recognition

Pages 343-351


Sukaina Sh Altyar; Samera Shams Hussein; Mahir Jasem Mohammed

Homoclinic Orbits and Localized Solutions in Discrete Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation with Long-Range Interaction

Pages 353-363


Allal Mehazzem; Mohamed Saleh Abdelouahab; Kamel Haouam

Approximate analytic solution of composed linear descriptor operator system using functional analysis approach

Pages 365-378


Hams M. Al-Helli; Radhi A. Zaboon

Evaluation of longitudinal wave velocity and elasticity modulus of concrete at different ages considering mixing ratios

Pages 379-396


Mehdi Sabagh; Mansour Asgari Khorasgani; Mohammad Taghi Kazemi

The existence of periodic solutions to doubly degenerate Allen-Cahn equation with Neumann boundary condition

Pages 397-408


Raad Awad Hameed; Maan A. Rasheed; Hekmat Sh. Mustafa; Faez N. Ghaffoori

Comparison of Harder stability and Rus stability of Mann iteration procedure and their equivalence

Pages 409-420


Gutti Venkata Ravindranadh Babu; Gedala Satyanarayana

Uniform stability of integro-differential inequalities with nonlinear control inputs and delay

Pages 421-430


Sameer Qasim Hasan; Maan A. Rasheed; Talat Jassim Aldhlki

Inequalities for an operator on the space of polynomials

Pages 431-439


Nisar Ahmad Rather; Aaqib Iqbal; Ishfaq Ahmad Dar

Blow up of solutions for a r(x)-Laplacian Lam\'{e} equation with variable-exponent nonlinearities and arbitrary initial energy level

Pages 441-450


Mohammad Shahrouzi

On existence of solutions for some functional integral equations in Banach algebra by fixed point theorem

Pages 451-466


Manochehr Kazemi

A numerical scheme for solving variable order Caputo-Prabhakar fractional integro-differential equation

Pages 467-484


Bagher Bagharzadehtvasani; Amir Hosein Refahi Sheikhani; Hossein Aminikhah

Investigating essential factors in the spread of lassa fever dynamics through sensitivity analysis

Pages 485-497


Taye Samuel Faniran; E. O. Ayoola

Forecasting time series using Vector Autoregressive Model

Pages 499-511


Lemya Taha Abdullah

On the estimation the reliability stress-strength model for the odd Fr\`{e}chet inverse exponential distribution

Pages 513-521


A. A. Eman; Abbas N. Salman

On the Nonlinear Impulsive Volterra-Fredholm Integrodifferential Equations

Pages 523-537


Pallavi U. Shikhare; Kishor D Kucche; Jose Sousa

The impact of petrochemical industry economic activities on environmental factors using a fuzzy mathematical programming model

Pages 539-553


Abdolkhalegh Vadian; Mohammad Mehdi Movahedi; Amir Gholam Abri; Mohammad Reza Lotfi

n-Jordan *-Derivations in Frechet locally C*-algebras

Pages 555-562


Javad Jamalzadeh; Khatere Ghasemi; Shahram Ghaffary

On the invariance properties of‎ Vaidya-Bonner geodesics via symmetry operators

Pages 563-571


Davood Farrokhi; Rohollah Bakhshandeh Chamazkoti; Mehdi Nadjafikhah

Some coupled coincidence and coupled common fixed point result in dislocated quasi b-metric spaces for rational type contraction mappings

Pages 573-582


Mesaud Tesfaye Yimer; Kidane Koyas; Solomon Gebregiorgis

Review of machine learning and deep learning mechanism in cyber-physical system

Pages 583-590


V Padmajothi; J L Mazher Iqbal

Genetic algorithm and principal components analysis in speech-based parkinson's early diagnosis studies

Pages 591-602


Harisudha Kuresan; Dhanalakshmi Samiappan

An innovative and robust technique for human identification and authentication based on a secure clinical signals transmission

Pages 603-613


Baqer A Hakim; Ahmed Dheyaa Radhi; Fuqdan AL-Ibraheemi

Coefficient bounds for a new family of bi-univalent functions associated with $(U,V)$-Lucas polynomials

Pages 615-626


Timilehin Gideon Shaba; Abbas Kareem Wanas

A hybrid ARFIMA-fuzzy time series (FTS) model for forecasting daily cases of Covid-19 in Iraq

Pages 627-641


Saif Adnan Salman; Emad Hazim Aboudi

Investigation and Classification of Chronic Wound Tissue images Using Random Forest Algorithm (RF)

Pages 643-651


T. Chitra; C. Sundar; S. GOPALAKRISHNAN

Some common fixed point results of multivalued mappings on fuzzy metric space

Pages 653-662


Mohit Kumar; Ritu Arora; Ajay Kumar

Solving partial differential equations via a hybrid method between homotopy analytical method and Harris hawks optimization algorithm

Pages 663-671


Abeer Abdulkhaleq Ahmad

Impact of movement control order implementation on electricity consumption: A case study of university buildings

Pages 673-684


Tunku Muhammad Nizar Tunku Mansur; Nor Hanisah Baharudin; Rosnazri Ali; Saifol Nizal Sharif

Fixed point theorem for asymptotically nonexpansive mappings under a new iteration sequence in CAT(0) space

Pages 685-691


Ahmed Abdulkareem Hadi; Sabah Hassan Malih

Implementation of three-phase DSTATCOM using frequency domain-based voltage reference configuration(VRC)control algorithm for power quality improvement

Pages 693-705


Nur Fatini Ahmad Sobri; Nor Hanisah Baharudin; Tunku Muhammad Nizar Tunku Mansur; Rosnazri Ali

A modification of the Cayley-Purser algorithm

Pages 707-716


Sameerah Faris Khlebus; Rajaa K. Hasoun; Bassam Talib Sabri

Evaluating the performance of company risk disclosure on improving the decision-making power of investors using hierarchical analysis technique(AHP)

Pages 717-728


Maryam Ahmadi; Farzin Rezaei; Naser Hamidi

Establishing mathematical models for determining quantum dot potential for pbs and pbte structures in terms of QD's diameters by numerical methods

Pages 729-735


Aws Asaad Hamdi; Ghassan Ezzulddin Arif; Anas Asaad Hamdi

On $B^{ic}$-open set and $B^{ic}$-continuous function in topological spaces

Pages 737-744


Luma S. Abdalbaqi; Zeina T. Abdalqater; Hiba O Mousa

A landscape view of deepfake techniques and detection methods

Pages 745-755


Ahmed S Abdulreda; Ahmed J Obaid

Comparing predicative power of foreign adjusted bankruptcy through providing proposed model of bankruptcy in Iran

Pages 757-764


Mohammad Sarhadi; Fardin Mansouri; Mahdi Faghani

Medical data encryption in private cloud based on MAR

Pages 765-771


Ahmed Dheyaa Radhi; Baqer A Hakim; Fuqdan AL-Ibraheemi

A hybrid technique for EEG signals evaluation and classification as a step towards to neurological and cerebral disorders diagnosis

Pages 773-781


Azmi Shawkat Abdulbaqi; Muhanad Tahrir Younis; Younus Tahreer Younus; Ahmed J Obaid

A numerical scheme for solving nonlinear parabolic partial differential equations with piecewise constant arguments

Pages 783-789


Mojgan Esmailzadeh; Javad Alavi; Hashem Saberi Najafi

A self-adaptive hybrid inertial algorithm for split feasibility problems in Banach spaces

Pages 791-812


Abd-semii Oluwatosin-Enitan Owolabi; Adeolu Taiwo; Lateef Olakunle Jolaoso; Oluwatosin Temitope Mewomo

The operations effects on the line graphs of simple graphs

Pages 813-816


Fawwaz Doujan Wrikat

Comparison of edge discrimination of microbubbles between Sobel and improved mathematics of Canny edge detection

Pages 817-829


Ayman S. Qaddoori; Jamila H. Saud

Fixed point on generalized dislocated metric spaces

Pages 831-836


M A Ahmed; Ismat Beg; S Khafagy; N. A. Nafadi

Mathematical analysis wavelets characteristics and their applications

Pages 837-850


Ali Naji Shaker

Simulation and analysis of queuing networks at Basra International Airport using the program R

Pages 851-858


Salwan Shakir Saleh; Nada Badr Jarah

Application of a generalization of Darbo's fixed point theorem via Mizogochi-Takahashi mappings on mixed fractional integral equations involving $(k, s)$-Riemann-Liouville and Erd\'{e}lyi-Kober fractional integrals

Pages 859-869


Anupam Das; Vahid Parvaneh; Bhuban Chandra Deuri; Zohreh Bagheri

Approximation (M.S.E) of the shape parameter for Pareto distribution by using the standard Bayes estimator

Pages 871-880


Adwea Naji Atewi; Safaa Jawad Ali; Bushra Swedan Naser; Muataz Adnan Harhoosh

E-small essential submodules

Pages 881-887


Mamoon F. Khalf; Hind Fadhil Abbas

Qualitative study of an eco-epidemiological model with anti-predator and migration presence

Pages 889-899


Azhar Abbas Majeed

The dynamics and analysis of an SIS disease of a stage-structured prey-predator model with a prey refuge

Pages 901-919


Zina Kh. Alabacy; Azhar A. Majeed

Analyzing the factorial experiments variances with the repeated values in a practical application

Pages 921-936


Suheir K. Romani; Roadh R. Yousif; Hadiya H. Matrood

Modelling the influence of prey switching and optimal foraging on the control of banana weevil Cosmopolites Sordidus (Germar)

Pages 937-954


Eliab Horub Kweyunga; Julius Tumwiine; Eldad Karamura

Optimizing RSA cryptosystem using Hermite polynomials

Pages 955-961


Raghad K. Salih

Numerical investigation for solving non-linear partial differential equation using Sumudu-Elzaki transform decomposition method

Pages 963-973


Mohammed G S AL-Safi; Ahmed Ayyoub Yousif; Muna S Abbas

Critical review on mathematics virtual classroom practice in private university

Pages 975-982


Samsul Maarif; Khoerul Umam; Joko Soebagyo; Trisna Roy Pradipta

Effects of guided discovery learning models on students' critical thinking ability on the materials of immune system

Pages 983-989


Dahlan Abdullah; S. Susilo; R. Romdanih; S. Sujinah

On an equation characterizing multi-quartic mappings and its stability

Pages 991-1002


Zohreh Abbasbeygi; Abasalt Bodaghi; Ayoub Gharibkhajeh

Turan type inequalities for rational functions with prescribed poles

Pages 1003-1009


Tawheeda Akhter; Shabir Ahmad Malik; Bashir Ahmad Zargar

Optimization of FSW process parameters for welding dissimilar 6061 and 7075 Al alloys using Taguchi design approach

Pages 1011-1022


G. S. V. Seshu Kumar; Kumar Anshuman; S Rajesh; Rama Bhadri Raju Chekuri; K. Ramakotaiah

Solvability of infinite systems of fractional differential equations in the space of tempered sequence space $m^\beta(\phi)$

Pages 1023-1034


Hamid Mehravaran; Hojjatollah Amiri Kayvanloo; Reza Allahyari

Numerical analysis of the wall impact in the peristaltic pumping of a casson liquid in an inclined canal

Pages 1035-1047


Ramu Katipelli; SHVN Krishna Kumari

Performance analysis of multicast routing using multi agent zone based mechanism in MANET

Pages 1047-1055


S Manthandi Periannasamy; N.C Sendhilkumar; R Arun Prasath; C Senthilkumar; S Gopalakrishnan; T T CHITRA

Solving second order ordinary differential equations by using Newton’s interpolation and Aitken’s methods

Pages 1057-1066


Johnpaul Chiagoziem Mbagwu; Cemil Tunç; Chris Enjoh; J.I. Onwuemekaa

Face and facial expression recognition using local directional feature structure

Pages 1067-1079


Vidyarani H J; Shrishail Math

The general implicit-block method with two-points and extra derivatives for solving fifth-order ordinary differential equations

Pages 1081-1097


Mohammed Yousif Turki; Shaymaa Y. Alku; Mohammed S. Mechee

Classes of certain analytic functions defining by subordinations

Pages 1099-1103


Mugur Acu; Shigeyoshi Owa; Radu Diaconu

Some of the sufficient conditions to get the G-Bi-shadowing action

Pages 1105-1112


Mohammed Hussein Obaid Ajam; Iftichar Mudhar Talb Al-Sharaa

Developing bulk arrival queuing models with the constant batch policy under uncertainty data using (0 - 1) variables

Pages 1113-1121


Zeina Mueen

Twofold of algebraic decomposition method used for a watermarking scheme with $LWT$ over medical images

Pages 1123-1129


Areej M. Abduldaim; Anwar Khalel Faraj

Caputo definition for finding fractional moments of power law distribution functions

Pages 1131-1136


Rifaat Saad Abdul-Jabbar

Generalized modified ratio-cum-product kind exponentially estimator of the populations mean in stratified ranked set sample

Pages 1137-1149


Rikan A. Ahmed; Saja Mohammad Hussein

The emergence of logic in mathematics and its influence on learners' cognition and way of thinking

Pages 1151-1160


Eman Almuhur; Manal Al-Labadi

On proximally closed mapping

Pages 1161-1166


Saad Mahdi Jaber; Marwah Yasir Mohsin

Sparse minimum average variance estimation through signal extraction approach to multivariate regression

Pages 1167-1173


Abdulqader Ahmed; Saja Mohammad

New bound for edge spectral radius and edge energy of graphs

Pages 1175-1181


Saeed Mohammadian Semnani; Samira Sabeti

CFD Analysis of piston bowls geometry for CI direct injection engine using finite element analysis

Pages 1193-1207


Potturi S Prakash Varma; K Venkata Subbaiah

Transfer learning based deep convolutional neural network model for pavement crack detection from images

Pages 1209-1223


S. Jana; S. Thangam; Anem Kishore; Venkata Sai Kumar; Saddapalli Vandana

Hybrid deep learning framework for human activity recognition

Pages 1225-1237


S Pushpalatha; Shrishail Math

Analysis of performance of accuracy by adding new features individually using Relief-F and Budget Tree Random Forest (RFBTRF) method

Pages 1239-1252


K Deepika; M Sowjanya Reddy; N Rajesh Pandian; R. Dinesh Kumar

A call reservation scheme for channel allocation using predication approach (CAPA) in wireless networks

Pages 1253-1267


G Vidoda Reddy; P. Jesu Jayarin; K. Nandhini; G. Sheeba; G Dhanalakshmi

The accrual anomaly analysis at different stages of the corporate life cycle of companies listed on the Tehran stock exchange

Pages 1269-1278


Mustafa Ostad; Mohsen Dastgir; Shukrollah Khajavi

$ \omega $-$ \alpha $-open sets $ \omega $-$ \alpha $-continuity in bitopological spaces

Pages 1279-1289


Carlos Granados

Comparison between Sinc approximation and differential transform methods for nonlinear Hammerstein integral equations

Pages 1291-1301


Ghasem Kazemi Gelian; Rezvan Ghoochan Shirvani; Mohammad Ali Fariborzi Araghi

A comparative study of two types of substrates in the manufacture of Schottky diode: p-Si and n- Si

Pages 1303-1310


Hussam Muhsin Hwail; Manal Midhat

$H(.,.,.,.)$-$\varphi$-$\eta$-cocoercive Operator with an Application to Variational Inclusions

Pages 1311-1327


Tirth Ram; Mohd Iqbal

Multi-class LDA classifier and CNN feature extraction for student performance analysis during Covid-19 pandemic

Pages 1329-1339


Rasheed Mansoor Ali S; S Perumal

Study of pressure applied to blood vessels using a mathematical model

Pages 1341-1350


Enas Yahya Abdullah

Detection of COVID-19 from radiology modalities and identification of prognosis patterns

Pages 1351-1365


G JayaLakshmi; Haitham Abbas Khalaf; Abolfazl Farhadi; Shokhan M Al Barzinji; Sawsan dheyaa Mahmood; Saif Al-din M Najim; Maha A Hutaihit; Salwa Mohammed Nejrs; Raghda Salam Al Mahdawi; Azmi Shawkat Abdulbaqi

Sentiment analysis for covid-19 in Indonesia on Twitter with TF-IDF featured extraction and stochastic gradient descent

Pages 1367-1373


Vindi Dwi Antonio; Syahril Efendi; Herman Mawengkang

Semi-parametric regression function estimation for environmental pollution with measurement error using artificial flower pollination algorithm

Pages 1375-1389


Ons Edin Musa; Sabah Manfi Ridha

A statistical approach and analysis computing based on autoregressive integrated moving averages models to predict COVID-19 outbreak in Iraq

Pages 1391-1415


Ali Abdul Karim Kazem Naji; Asmaa Shaker Ashoor

A comparative study on numerical, non-Bayes and Bayes estimation for the shape parameter of Kumaraswamy distribution

Pages 1417-1434


Mohammed A. Mahmoud; Amal A. Mohammed; Sudad K. Abraheem

DId COVID 19 help authors to publish in high impact journal

Pages 1435-1443


Israa M.A. Alameen; Arkan Jaber Saeed; Aziz Ibrahim Abdulla

Some common fixed point theorems for strict contractions

Pages 1445-1450


Mohamed A. Ahmed

Some modified types of arrow domination

Pages 1451-1461


Suha J. Radhi; Mohammed A. Abdlhusein; Ayed Elayose Hashoosh

On the maximum number of limit cycles of a planar differential system

Pages 1462-1478


Sana Karfes; Elbahi Hadidi; Mohamed Amine Kerker

Expanded Integral differential equations and their applications

Pages 1479-1491


Rusul Mohammed Hussein Al-Shmary

Novel solitons through optical fibres for perturbed cubic-quintic-septic nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger-type equation

Pages 1493-1506


Emad A. AzZobi; Ahmed O. Alleddawi; Islam W. Alsaraireh; Mustafa Mamat; Lanre Akinyemi; Hadi Rezazadeh

Numerical solutions of nonlinear Burgers‒Huxley equation through the Richtmyer type nonstandard finite difference method

Pages 1507-1518


Farnoosh Izadi; Hashem Saberi Najafi; Amir Hosein Refahi Sheikhani

Compression of image using multi-wavelet techniques

Pages 1519-1535


Saba Abdul-Wahed; Marwah Kamil Hussein; Huda A. Ahmed

Escape criteria for one parameter family of complex functions \(\mathbf{f}_{\mathbf{k}}\left( \mathbf{z}\right)\mathbf{=}\mathbf{\text{kcsc}}\left( \mathbf{z} \right)\) via non-standard iterations

Pages 1537-1543


Iman A. Hussain; Zeana Zaki Jamil; Nuha H. Hamada

A new bond portfolio optimization model as two-stage stochastic programming problems in U.S. market

Pages 1545-1563


Mohammed Ahmed Alkailany; Mohammed Sadiq Abdalrazzaq

On studying bi-\(\Gamma\)-algebra and some related concepts

Pages 1565-1572


Mohaimen M. Abbood; Ali Al-Fayadh Ali Al-Fayadh; Hassan H. Ebrahim

Optimal credit risk model based on metaheuristic particle swarm algorithm and multilayer perceptron neural network

Pages 1573-1586


Ali Asghar Tehranipour; Ebrahim Abbasi; Hossein Didehkhani; Arash Naderian

On the maximum likelihood, Bayes and expansion estimation for the reliability function of Kumaraswamy distribution under different loos function

Pages 1587-1604


Mohammed A. Mahmoud; Sudad K. Abraheem; Amal A. Mohammed

On primary isolated submodules

Pages 1605-1611


Ghaleb Ahmed; Tamara Alshareef

The decision making strategy of prospective mathematics teachers in improving LOTS to be HOTS problem

Pages 1613-1627


Suwarno Suwarno; Toto Nusantara; Susiswo Susiswo; Santi Irawati

Using Leray-Schauder topological degree to solve a linear diffusion parabolic equation with periodic initial conditions

Pages 1629-1635


Raad Awad Hameed; Faez N. Ghaffoori; Hekmat sh. Mustafa; Wafaa M. Taha; Maan A. Rasheed

Treatment of dynamical nonlinear Measles model: An evolutionary approach

Pages 1629-1638


Muhammad Farhan Tabassum; Ali Akgul; Sana Akram; Muhammad Farman; Rabia Karim; Saadia Mahmood ul Hassan

Analysis of deep learning methods in diabetic retinopathy disease identification based on retinal fundus image

Pages 1639-1647


N Nurrahmadayeni; Syahril Efendi; Muhammad Zarlis

Solving multi-objectives function problem using branch and bound and local search methods

Pages 1649-1658


Manal Hashim Ibrahim; Faez Hassan Ali; Hanan Ali Chachan

Designing a control system for traffic lights by VANET protocol

Pages 1659-1666


Ahmed Adnan Mohammed Al-Azzawi; Fadhil Kadhem Zaidan; Ihsan Ali Hassan

The effectiveness of the integrated inquiry guided model STEM on students scientific literacy abilities

Pages 1667-1672


Muhammad Syahrul Kahar; S. Susilo; Dahlan Abdullah; Venny Oktaviany

Forecasting the numbers of cardiac diseases patients by using Box-Jenkins model in time series analysis

Pages 1673-1681


Sabah Hasan Jasim Alsaedi

A local density-based outlier detection method for high dimension data

Pages 1683-1699


Shahad Adel Abdulghafoor; Lekaa Ali Mohamed

Performance analysis of local binary pattern and k-nearest neighbor on image classification of fingers leaves

Pages 1701-1708


A. D. Ningtyas; E. B. Nababan; S. Efendi

Search method for solving multicriteria scheduling problem

Pages 1709-1720


Doha Adel Abbas

On the exact solutions and conservation laws of a generalized (1+2)-dimensional Jaulent-Miodek equation with a power law nonlinearity

Pages 1721-1735


Sivenathi Mbusi; Ben Muatjetjeja; A. R. Adem

Generalized Euler and Runge-Kutta methods for solving classes of fractional ordinary differential equations

Pages 1737-1745


Mohammed S. Mechee; Sameeah H. Aidi

Demming regressive multiobjective dragonfly optimized controller placement in SDN environment

Pages 1747-1761


J. Hemagowri; P Tamil Selvan

Some separation axioms On \(\Gamma\)-algebra

Pages 1763-1768


Mohaimen M. Abbood; Ali Al-Fayadh Ali Al-Fayadh; Saba N. Al-Khafaji

Relation theoretic results via simulation function with applications

Pages 1769-1783


Swati Antal; Anita Tomar; U.C. Gairola

The bifurcation analysis of an eco-toxicant model with anti-predator behavior

Pages 1785-1801


Huda Salah Kareem; Azhar Abbas Majeed

Industry 4.0 technologies assessment: An integrated reverse supply chain model with the whale optimization algorithm

Pages 1803-1825


Sharareh Mohajeri; Fatemeh Harsej; Mahboubeh Sadeghpour; Jahanfar khaleghi nia

Implementing the EBDI model in an E-health system

Pages 1827-1839


Abir Hussein Jabber; Ali Obied

A split common fixed point and null point problem for Lipschitzian $J-$quasi pseudocontractive mappings in Banach spaces

Pages 1827-1853


Uko Sunday Jim; Donatus Ikechi Igbokwe

Using the wavelet analysis to estimate the nonparametric regression model in the presence of associated errors

Pages 1855-1862


Mohmmed Salh AbduAlkareem Mahdi; Saad Kadem Hamza

Numerical and experimental performance evaluation of upgraded knee braces under cyclic load

Pages 1863-1872


Iraj Gholami Alam; M Safi; E Darvishan

Estimation of parameter for the Pareto distribution based on right censoring

Pages 1873-1877


Rana Hasan Shamkhi; Wisam Kamil Ghafil; Aseel Ali Jaaze

A survey of $\mathcal{C}-$class and pair upper-class functions in fixed point theory

Pages 1879-1896


Arslan Hojat Ansari; Anita Tomar; Meena Joshi

An evolutionary game competitive model for increasing accuracy and maximizing influence in social networks

Pages 1897-1907


Saeedeh Noori; Hamidreza Navidi; Reza Bakhtiari

Counting of Conjugacy classes in partial transformation semigroup.

Pages 1909-1915


Aftab Hussain Shah; Mohd Rafiq Parray; Dilawar Juneed Mir

Optimal values range of interval polynomial programming problems

Pages 1917-1929


Somayeh Amirmahmoodi; Hassan Mishmast Nehi; Mehdi Allahdadi

Analysis of generic science skills in prospective biology teacher students

Pages 1931-1935


Rinandita Wikansari; Suhardi Napid; J. Junaidi; Wahyu Ari Andryanto; S. Susilo

A research level of efficiency treatment of Covid-19 using data envelopment analysis

Pages 1937-1947


Dahlan Abdullah; .Anif Farida; Sri Rahayu Pudjiastuti; Eka Rista Harimurti; A. Arifudin

Palm leaf nutrient deficiency detection using convolutional neural network (CNN)

Pages 1949-1956


Shafaf Ibrahim; Noraini Hasan; Nurbaity Sabri; Khyrina Airin Fariza Abu Samah; Muhamad Rahimi Rusland

Convexity in G-metric spaces and approximation of fixed points by Mann iterative process

Pages 1957-1964


Isa Yildirim; Safeer Hussain Khan

Selection of green suppliers with the approach of integrating economic, environmental and social decisions (Case study of Sazeh Gostar Saipa Photovoltaic Company)

Pages 1965-1975


Bahman Cimyari; Mohammad Ali Vahdat; Ahmad Sadeghieh; Yahya Zare Mehrjerdi

Fish diseases detection using convolutional neural network (CNN)

Pages 1977-1984


Noraini Hasan; Shafaf Ibrahim; Anis Aqilah Azlan

Optimizing order picker problem using dynamic programming method

Pages 1985-1998


Noraimi Azlin Mohd Nordin; S. Sarifah Radiah Shariff; Mohd Omar; Siti Suzlin Supadi

Near fixed point, near fixed interval circle and their equivalence classes in a $b-$interval metric space

Pages 1999-2014


Meena Joshi; Anita Tomar

Effect of financial literacy and risk aversion on the relationship between self-control and financial security of individual investors in Tehran Stock Exchange

Pages 2015-2024


Manizheh Mohammadi; Arash Naderian; Majid Ashrafi; Jamadori Gorganli Doji

Non-linear contractions via auxiliary functions and fixed point results with some consequences

Pages 2025-2042


Ankush Chanda; Lakshmi Kanta Dey; Arslan Hojat Ansari

A meshfree radial basis function method for nonlinear phi-four equation

Pages 2043-2052


Geeta Arora; Gurpreet Singh Bhatia

A real-time forest fire and smoke detection system using deep learning

Pages 2053-2063


Raghad K. Mohammed

Mathematical modeling of diffusion problem

Pages 2065-2073


Maryam salemi; Maryam Attary

Theoretical approaches and special cases for a single machine with release dates to minimize four criterion

Pages 2075-2085


Omar Osama Daowd; Hanan Ali Chachan; Hazim G. Daway

A general solution of some linear partial differential equations via two integral transforms

Pages 2087-2093


Asmaa Abd Aswhad; May Mohammed Helal

A novel scheme for solving multi-delay fractional optimal control problems

Pages 2095-2113


Seyed Mehdi Mirhosseini Alizamini

Predicting of infected People with Corona virus (covid-19) by using Non-Parametric Quality Control Charts

Pages 2115-2126


Heba Mostafa Fawzy; Asmaa Ghalib

A new Jackknifing ridge estimator for logistic regression model

Pages 2127-2135


Nawal Mahmood Hammood; Zakariya Yahya Algamal

The estimation process in the Bayesian quantile structural equation modeling approach

Pages 2137-2149


Balsam Mustafa Shafeeq; Lekaa Ali Mohamed

Analysis of central bank policies and supervision tools on financial stability in the Iranian banking system

Pages 2151-2162


Ala Asgharzadeh; Farhad Rahbar; Mir Hossein Mousavi

Continuity in fuzzy topological spaces

Pages 2163-2169


Mohammed F. Marashdeh

Effectiveness of new algorithms for facial recognition based on deep neural networks

Pages 2171-2178


Shahad Laith; Fouad Shaker Tahir; Asma Abdulelah Abdulrahman

Efficient image encryption via chaotic hight algorithm

Pages 2179-2194


Woud M. Abed

The bifurcation analysis of an epidemiological model involving two diseases in predator

Pages 2195-2217


Atheer Jawad Kadhim; Azhar A. Majeed

Forms of $\varpi$-continuous functions between bitopological spaces

Pages 2219-2225


Adwea Naji Atewi; Bushra Sweedan Naseer; Safaa Jawad Ali; Muataz Adnan Harhoosh

Generalization of Rangaig transform

Pages 2227-2231


Eman A. Mansour; Emad A. Kuffi

Optimizing the axial distance of the nozzle to the engine shell to cool the maximum fluid flow

Pages 2233-2243


Sajad Rastad; Seyed Amir Abbas Oloomi; Seyed Ali Agha Mirjalily; Abolfazl Zare-Shahabadi

Deep convolutional neural network classified the PNEUMONIA and Coronavirus diseases (COVID-19) by softmax nonlinearity function

Pages 2245-2251


Mali H. Hakem Alameady; Maryim Omran Mosa; Amir Ali Aljarrah; Huda Saleem Razzaq

Novel solitons through optical fibers for perturbed cubic-quintic-septic nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger-type equation

Pages 2253-2266


Emad A. Az-Zobi; Ahmed O. Alleddawi; Islam W. Alsaraireh; Mustafa Mamat; Fawwaz D. Wrikat; Lanre Akinyemi; Hadi Rezazadeh

Maximum likelihood for fuzzy pure spatial autoregressive model

Pages 2267-2277


Jaufar Mousa Mohammed; Ammer Fadel Tawfeeq; Maysoon M. Aziz

Refinements of Hermite-Hadamard inequality for $F_h$-convex functions on time scales

Pages 2279-2292


Fagbemigun Opeyemi; Adesanmi MOGBADEMU

Nearly locally hollow modules

Pages 2293-2301


Nada K. Abdullah

Discussion on delay Bessel’s problems

Pages 2303-2306


Anmar Hashim Jasim; Batool Moufaq Al-Baram

Some properties of fuzzy soft $\mathfrak{n} -\widetilde{\mathcal{N}}$ quasi normal operators

Pages 2307-2314


Jaafer Hmood Eidi; Salim Dawood Mohsen

The bifurcation diagram of an elliptic $P$-Kirchhoff-type problem with respect to the stiffness of the material

Pages 2315-2331


Hava Fani; Ghasem Afrouzi; S.H. Rasouli

Using some methods to estimate the parameters of the Multivariate Skew Normal (MSN) distribution function with missing data

Pages 2333-2350


Qutaiba Nabeel Nayef Al-Qazaz; Lina Nidhal Shawkat

Structural reliability analysis using the third-moment and Downhill simplex technique

Pages 2351-2362


Lamia Abdul-Jabbar Dawod; Entsar Arebe Fadam

The bifurcation analysis of an ecological model involving SIS disease with a prey refuge

Pages 2363-2378


Azhar Abbas Majeed; Zina Kh. Alabacy

The fractional moments of shifted power law distribution by Caputo definition

Pages 2379-2383


Rifaat Saad Abdul-Jabbar

Estimation of exponential Pareto parameters

Pages 2385-2394


Suhair Khatan Ismail; Shrook A. S. AL-Sabbah; Shaima Mahood Moahammed; Montazer Mustafa Nassif; Eqbal Qasim Ramadan

Comparative study of two cases of single-phase HCMLI using IPDPWM technique for standalone PV system

Pages 2395-2409


Massara Glaa Yahya; Mawadah Glaa Yahya

Recommendation engines-neural embedding to graph-based: Techniques and evaluations

Pages 2411-2423


Ali Akbar; Parul Agarwal; Ahmed J. Obaid

Bayesian inference of fractional brownian motion of multivariate stochastic differential equations

Pages 2425-2454


Qutaiba N. Nauef Al-Qazaz; Ahmed H. Ali

Liu-Type estimator in gamma regression model based on (r-(k-d)) class estimator

Pages 2455-2465


Ahmed Mutlag Algboory; Zakariya Yahya Algamal

Estimate the location matrix of a multivariate semiparametric regression model when the random error follows a matrix--variate generalized hyperbolic distribution

Pages 2467-2482


Sarmad Abdulkhaleq Salih; Emad Hazim Aboudi

Estimating the survival and risk functions of a log-logistic distribution by using order statistics with practical application

Pages 2483-2502


Samah Sabah Hassan; Entsar Arebe Fadam AL.Doori

Analyze the strengths and weaknesses invested in the Arvand free zone impact indexes-convenience province

Pages 2503-2525


Seyed Ahmad Hossini; Seye Adabdolmajid Jalayi; Mohsen Zayandeh Rudi

ING-induced topology from tritopological space on a locally finite graph

Pages 2527-2533


Asmhan Flieh Hassan; Sundus Najah Jabir; Alaa Mohammed Redha Abdulhasan

Design and construction solar steam sterilizer

Pages 2535-2547


Mohammed Hassan Abbood; Farhan Lafta Rashid; Mohammed Mohsen Jassim

Increase the income based on partner selection to reduce bankruptcy risk by mathematical model and solve it by genetic algorithm

Pages 2549-2560


Amir Abass Shojaei; Mousaa Azarbad; Farshid Abdi; Vahidreza Ghezavati; Kaveh Khalili Damghani

Sombor index of some graph operations

Pages 2561-2571


Nabeel E. Arif; Akar H. Karim; Roslan Hasni

Using wavelet in identification state space models

Pages 2573-2578


Heyam A. A. Hayawi

Comparative analysis of the optimum level of manufacturing capacity in advance of the construction sector in years 2001-2018

Pages 2579-2597


Mehran Hafezi Birgani; Alireza Daghighi Asli; Teymur Mohammadi

Types of fuzzy ($\mathfrak{t}$ generalized $\mathfrak{pre}-$ and $\mathfrak{t}^{\ast}$ generalized $\mathfrak{pre}-$) mappings

Pages 2599-2608


Noor Riyadh Kareem

Estimating partial linear single index model by MAVE and two stage estimation procedures

Pages 2609-2616


Huda Yahya Ahmed; Munaf Yousif Hmood

Existence and stability analysis for nonlinear ψ-Hilfer fractional differential equations with nonlocal integral boundary conditions

Pages 2617-2633


Adel Lachouri; Abdelouaheb Ardjouni; Nesrine Gouri; Kamel Ali Khelil

Existence and uniqueness of weak solution in weighted Sobolev spaces for a class of nonlinear degenerate elliptic problems with measure data

Pages 2635-2653


Mohamed El Ouaarabi; Adil Abbassi; Chakir Allalou

Comparison of the percentile estimation method and mixture (maximum likelihood and least square) method for estimating parameters of Johnson bounded distribution

Pages 2655-2663


Sanaa Mohammed Naeem; A. N. Hussein

Boundedness of a new kind of Toeplitz operator on $2\pi$-periodic holomorphic functions on the upper halfplane

Pages 2665-2670


Mohammad Ali Ardalani; Saeed Haftbaradaran

Solving a multicriteria problem in a hierarchical method

Pages 2671-2674


Adawiya A. Mahmood Al-Nuaimi

Jackknifed Liu-type estimator in the negative binomial regression model

Pages 2675-2684


Dhafer Myasar Jabur; Nadwa Khazaal Rashad; Zakariya Yahya Algamal

Multifunctional control design for voltage control, frequency and active microgrid power

Pages 2685-2701


Hossein Ravangard; Mohammad Mehdi Ghanbarian; Mohammad Hossein Fatehi Dinarlo

Distribution-free two-sample homogeneity test for circular data based on geodesic distance

Pages 2703-2711


Ahmed Jebur Ali; Samira Faisal Abushilah

A class of harmonic univalent functions defined by the q-derivative operator

Pages 2713-2722


Amal Madhi Rashid; Abdul Rahman S. Juma

Fixed point of four maps in generalized b-metric spaces

Pages 2723-2730


Safia Bazine

Stereo vision development for high performance on stereo systems

Pages 2731-2738


Ali N. Yousif; Hassan M. Ibrahim; Safaa J. Alwan; Mohammed Sh. Majid

Applying Jaya technique in examining the effective factors in the process of Mergers and acquisitions

Pages 2739-2754


Mohammad Reza Eghbal; Seyed Ali Nabavi Chashmi; Naser Yadollahzadeh Tabari

On solving Bratu’s type equation by perturbation method

Pages 2755-2763


Safaa Ali Salem; Thair Younis Thanoon

A suggested weighted running means for smoothing techniques with application

Pages 2775-2781


Qasim Nasir Husain

Introducing a new control system based on Fuzzy-PID for controlling DFIG rotor side converter in fault conditions

Pages 2783-2799


Alireza Moradi; Seyyed Mohammad Reza Hashemi

Extended dissipativity synchronization for Markovian jump recurrent neural networks via memory sampled-data control and its application to circuit theory

Pages 2801-2820


R. Anbuvithya; S. Dheepika Sri; R. Vadivel; P. Hammachukiattikul; Choonkil Park; Gunasekaran Nallappan

A systematic literature review on web services composition

Pages 2821-2855


Morteza Khani Dehnoi; Saeed Araban

New theoretical conditions for solving functional nonlinear equations by linearization then discretization

Pages 2857-2869


Ammar Khellaf; Mohamed Zine Aissaoui

Integration of deep learning model and feature selection for multi-label classification

Pages 2871-2883


Hossein Ebrahimi; Kambiz Majidzadeh; Farhad Soleimanian Gharehchopogh

Extended Hermite-Hadamard $(H-H)$ and Fejer's inequalities based on $(h_1,h_2,s)$-convex functions

Pages 2885-2895


Sabir Yasin; Masnita Misiran; Zurni Omar

Analysis of thunderstorms in Bangladesh using ARIMA model

Pages 2897-2909


Kalyan Das; Md Lutfor Rahman; M.N. Srinivas; Anisha Das; Vijay Kumar

Using ARIMA model and neuro-fuzzy approach to forecast the climatic temperature in Mosul-Iraq

Pages 2911-2920


Naam Salem Fadhil

Sparse dimension reduction with group identification

Pages 2921-2931


Ali Alkenani

A new [0, 1] truncated inverse Weibull rayleigh distribution properties with application to COVID-19

Pages 2933-2946


Mundher Abdullah Khaleel; Abdulwahab M. Abdulwahab; Awni M. Gaftan; Moudher Kh. Abdal-hammed

Estimation of the general spatial regression model (SAC) by the maximum likelihood method

Pages 2947-2957


Wadhah S. Ibrahim; Nawras Shanshool Mousa

[0,1] Truncated half logistic- half logistic distribution

Pages 2959-2969


Salah H. Abid; Abbas L. Kneehr; Emad F. Muhi

The effects of outlier on some Bayesian survival estimators for Burr-X distribution with a Covid-19 as a case study

Pages 2971-2983


Waleed Abdullah Araheemah

Comparsion between weighted quadratic loss function and quadratic loss function to estimate asymmetric Laplace distribution parameters

Pages 2985-2997


Asmaa Khamis Radi; Ebtisam Karim Abdullah

The Topp Leone Flexible Weibull distribution: An extension of the Flexible Weibull distribution

Pages 2999-3010


Nihad Sh. Khalaf; Moudher Kh. Abdul Hameed; Mundher A. Khaleel; Zeyad M. Abdullah

A proposed conditional method for estimating ARMA(1, 1) model

Pages 3011-3020


Lamyaa Mohammed Ali Hameed

Uncertain probability in information systems changed over time

Pages 3021-3027


M. M. El-Ghoul; M. K. Gabr; Abdel Monaem M. Kozae; A. M. Teamah

Using apgarch/avgarch models Gaussian and non-Gaussian for modeling volatility exchange rate

Pages 3029-3038


Suhail Najm Abdulla; Heba Dhaher Alwan

Have hashtags and cashtags caused a slight reaction to stock returns in financial statements? Has the information content of the financial statements been lost? Case study: S & P500 companies

Pages 3029-3057


Saeed Safari Bideskan; Ali Reza Mehrazeen; Mohammadreza Shorvarzi; Abolghasem Masihabadi

Bayesian parameter estimation in addiction model

Pages 3059-3071


Najla A. AL-Khairullah; Tasnim Hasan Kadhim AlBaldawi

Analysis of Markovian queueing system with server failures, N-policy and second optional service

Pages 3073-3083


Roma Rani Das; V.N. Rama Devi; Abhishek Rathore; K. Chandan

Estimating coefficients for subclasses of meromorphic bi-univalent functions involving the polylogarithm function

Pages 3085-3092


Shamil Ibrahim Ahmed; Ahmed Khalaf Radhi

Generalized solution of Schrödinger equation with singular potential and initial data

Pages 3093-3101


Abdelmjid Benmerrous; Lalla Saadia Chadli; Abdelaziz Moujahid; Elomari M'hamed; Said Melliani

Study connection between the Laurent series and residues on the $\mathbf{A(z)}$ analytic functions

Pages 3103-3111


Jaafar Jabbar Qasim; Ahmed Khalaf Radhi

Dynamic modeling and microgrid frequency control connecting to the power grid in different modes

Pages 3113-3129


Mehrdad Gorjian; Mohammad Mehdi Ghanbarian; Mohammad Hossein Fatehi Dinarlo; Mehdi Taghizadeh

Estimation of multi-truncated rayleigh and Weibull distributions with application

Pages 3131-3140


Kawther Alhasan; Kareema Abad Al-Kadim

A new subclass of analytic functions involving Pascal distribution series

Pages 3141-3152


Venkateswarlu Bolineni; Thirupathi Reddy P; Sujatha Vaishnavy; S. Sridevi

Jackknifed Liu-type estimator in the Conway-Maxwell Poisson regression model

Pages 3153-3168


Husam AbdulRazzak Rasheed; Nazik J. Sadik; Zakariya Yahya Algamal

New fixed point theorems in midconvex subgroups of abelian Banach groups

Pages 3169-3180


Alireza Pourmoslemi; Marjan Adib; Tahere Nazari

General formulas for solution some important partial differential equations using El-Zaki transform

Pages 3181-3190


Athraa N. ALbukhuttar; Yasmin A. AL-Rikabi

Some results of weakly mapping in intuitionistic bi-topological spaces

Pages 3191-3195


Rasha A. Isewid; Samer R. Yaseen

Existence and uniqueness results to a fractional q-difference coupled system with integral boundary conditions via topological degree theory

Pages 3197-3211


Abdellatif Boutiara; Maamar Benbachir

Using some methods for estimating the survival times of patients infected with Covid-19 utilizing new two parameters Lindley distribution NTPLD

Pages 3213-326


Zahraa Khaled Gaafar; Mohammed Habeeb AL-Sharoot

Laguerre-Chebyshev Petrov-Galerkin method for solving integral equations

Pages 3227-3237


Ali Kadhim Munaty; Hameeda Oda Al-Humedi

Hyers stability of lattice derivations

Pages 3239-3248


Ehsan Movahednia; Choonkil Park; Jung Rye Lee

Spearman's correlation coefficient in statistical analysis

Pages 3249-3255


Khawla Ali Abd Al-Hameed

Controllability of impulsive fractional nonlinear control system with Mittag-Leffler kernel in Banach space

Pages 3257-3280


Fadhil Abbas Naji; Iftichar Al-Sharaa

Comparison of the effect of using corporate governance mechanisms on the performance of companies based on Ponzi trap (Case study: Tehran Capital Markets companies)

Pages 3281-3292


Mojtaba Rezaei; Fardin Mansouri; Mahdi Faghani

Study and implementation sinusoidal PWM inverter fed 3-phase induction motor

Pages 3293-3303


Ola Hussein Abd Ali Alzuabidi

Ditzain-Totik modulus of smoothness for the fractional derivative of functions in $L_p$ space of the partial neural network

Pages 3305-3317


Amenah Hassan Ibrahim; Eman Samir Bhaya; Eman Ali Hessen

Investigating the asymmetric effects of macroeconomic variables on opportunistic behavior of managers

Pages 3319-3332


Shahrzad Seraj; Hashem Nikoomaram; ahmad Yaghoubnezhad

Hermite-Hadamard type inequality for $\psi$-Riemann-Liouville fractional integrals via preinvex functions

Pages 3333-3345


Nidhi Sharma; Shashi Kant Mishra; Abdelouahed Hamdi

Stock market reaction to real earnings management, financial risk and business risk

Pages 3347-3361


Seyed Nima Vali Nia; Mohammad Hossein Ranjbar; Hojatalah salari; Davood Khodadady

Shape preserving approximation using convex smooth piecewise polynomials for functions in $L_p$ quasi normed spaces

Pages 3363-3370


Iktifa Diaa Jaleel; Eman Samir Bhaya

The effect of audit quality and auditor reputation on the relationship between the auditor's tenure and the auditor's fee

Pages 3371-3379


Sadegh Tonekaboni; Mehdi Khalilpour; Ali Fallah; Javad Ramzani

Weighted approximation using neural network in terms of fractional modulus of smoothness of fractional derivative

Pages 3381-3394


Amenah Hassan Ibrahim; Eman Samir Bhaya; Eman Ali Hessen

Comparison between two new censored regression models extended from Burr-XII system with application

Pages 3395-3403


Anwaar Dhiaa Abdulkareem; Sunbul Rasheed Mohammed

Developing and explaining a comprehensive competency model of financial managers in a professional and forward-looking manner with grounded theory method

Pages 3405-3425


Seyyed Mohammad Hassan Mohammadi; Akram Taftiyan; Forough Heirani; Saeed Eslami

Qualitative properties of solutions of fractional order boundary value problems

Pages 3427-3440


A. M. A. El-Sayed; H. H. G. Hashem; Sh. M Al-Issa

Hyperparameters optimization of support vector regression using black hole algorithm

Pages 3441-3450


Saifuldeen Dheyauldeen Alrefaee; Salih Muayad Al Bakal; Zakariya Yahya Algamal

An optimized swarm intelligence algorithm based on the mass defence of bees

Pages 3451-3462


Robabeh Chanpa; Mohammad Ali Jabraeil Jamali; Abdolreza Hatamlou; Babak Anari

Fibrewise multi-topological spaces

Pages 3463-3474


M. H. Jaber; Yousif Y. Yousif

Change of measure in fractional stochastic differential equation

Pages 3475-3478


M.F. Al-Saadony; Bahr Kadhim Mohammed; Hameedah Naeem Melik

Common fixed point theorems under rational contractions in complex valued extended $b$-metric spaces

Pages 3479-3490


Carmel Pushpa Raj J; Arul Xavier A; Maria Joseph J; Marudai M

Estimating parameters of Marshall Olkin Topp Leon exponential distribution via grey wolf optimization and conjugate gradient with application

Pages 3491-3503


Zeyad M. Abdullah; Nazar K. Hussain; Firas A. Fawzi; Moudher Khalid Abdal-Hammed; Mundher Abdullah Khaleel

The Rayleigh Gompertz distribution: Theory and real applications

Pages 3505-3516


Nadia Hashim Al-Noor; Mundher A. Khaleel; Noor Kareem Assi

Identifying and prioritizing effective strategies in strategic human resource planning using multi-fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making methods (Case study; Export Development Bank of Iran)

Pages 3517-3533


Sayyed Mohammad Tabatabaeifar; Masoud Haghighi; Mohamad Ali Jafari

Some ratio estimators of finite population variance using auxiliary information in ranked set sampling

Pages 3537-3549


Rikan A. Ahmed; Saja Mohammad Hussein

Solution of delay differential equations using Tarig-Pade differential transform method with an application to vector-borne diseases

Pages 3551-3565


Mayadah Khalil Ghaffar; Fadhel S Fadhel; Nabeel E. Arif

Some fractional weighted trapezoid type inequalities for preinvex functions

Pages 3567-3587


Abdelghani Lakhdari; Badreddine Meftah

The algebra fuzzy norm of the quotient space and pseudo algebra fuzzy normed space

Pages 3589-3597


Zainab A. Khudhair; Jehad Rmadhan Kider

Computer-based plagiarism detection techniques: A comparative study

Pages 3599-3611


Marwah Najm Mansoor; Mohammed S. H. Al-Tamimi

Denumerably many positive radial solutions for the iterative system of Minkowski-Curvature equations

Pages 3613-3632


Khuddush Mahammad; Rajendra Prasad Kapula; Bharathi Botta

Impact of technology on the financial performance of selected nationalized and private sector banks in India

Pages 3633-3643


Jaafar M-Hasan Abdulrahman Al Shawi; D. V. Gopalappa

Measuring the efficiency of three methods for estimating the parameters and reliability of a two-parameter weighted exponential distribution

Pages 3645-3652


Awatif Rezzoky Al-Dubaicy

Sustainability in industrial sites

Pages 3653-3664


Shmoos Abd Al Sattar Jabbar; Said Jassim Mohsen; Ameer Kamel Juwad

Finger vein recognition based on PCA and fusion convolutional neural network

Pages 3667-3681


Mohammed S. H. Al-Tamimi; Ruaa S. S. AL-Khafaji

Wavelet estimation of fractional cointegration vector for multivariate time series

Pages 3683-3695


Ammar Muayad Saber; Rabab Abdulrida Saleh

Error grid analysis evaluation of noninvasive blood glucose monitoring system of diabetic Covid-19 patients

Pages 3697-3706


Lina Nasseer Bachache; Auns Qusai Al-Neami; Jamal A. Hasan

Improving completion time and execution time using FSMPIA: A case study

Pages 3707-3721


Mehran Mokhtari; Peyman Bayat

Comparison between some estimation methods for an intuitionistic fuzzy semi-parametric logistic regression model with practical application about covid-19

Pages 3723-3732


Ayad H. Shemail; Mohammed Jasim Mohammed

Reparameterization and the conditional inverse of a balanced factorial experiment with three factors

Pages 3733-3747


Wisam Wadullah Saleem; Asmaa GHalib Jaber

The smallest size of the arc of degree three in a projective plane of order sixteen

Pages 3749-3764


Najm Abdulzahra Makhrib Al-Seraji; Dunia Alawi Jarwan

On some topological concepts via grill

Pages 3765-3772


Saad S. Suliman; R. B. Esmaeel

Review of SQL injection attacks: Detection, to enhance the security of the website from client-side attacks

Pages 3773-3782


Manar Hasan Ali AL-Maliki; Mahdi Nsaif Jasim

A comparative study and overview on the magnetic resonance images skull stripping methods and their correspondence techniques

Pages 3783-3802


Rasha Helmi Nayyef; Mohammed S. H. Al-Tamimi

Some results for generalizations of semi-open sets in topological spaces

Pages 3803-3809


Ali J. Mahmood; A. I. Naser

Face mask detection methods and techniques: A review

Pages 3811-3823


Firas Amer Mohammed Ali; Mohammed S. H. Al-Tamimi

A systematic review of ultra-lightweight encryption algorithms

Pages 3825-3851


Noor Maher Naser; Jolan Rokan Naif

On $\mu$-L-closed, q-compact and q-Lindelöf spaces in generalized topological spaces

Pages 3853-3859


Eman Almuhur; Manal Al-Labadi; Amani Shatarah; Eman A. AbuHijleh; Sarah Khamis

The suggested threshold to reduce data noise for a factorial experiment

Pages 3861-3872


Mahmood M. Taher; Sabah Manfi Ridha

Quantum inspired genetic algorithm model based thirteen types automatic modulation classification

Pages 3873-3889


Hussain A. Rasool; Bayan M. Sabbar

The radius, diameter and chromatic number of some zero divisor graph

Pages 3891-3896


Hayder F. Ghazi; Ahmed Omran

The largest size of the arc of degree three in a projective plane of order sixteen

Pages 3897-3916


Najm Abdulzahra Makhrib Al-Seraji; Dunia Alawi Jarwan

An experimental study by employing Nano VNA in microwave devices

Pages 3917-3928


Laith F. Jumaa; Yaqeen Sabah Mezaal; Aqeel Al-Hilali

Some types of Smarandache filters of a Smarandache BH-algebra

Pages 3929-3935


Qasim Mohsin Luhaib; Husein Hadi Abbass

Julia sets are Cantor circles and Sierpinski carpets for rational maps

Pages 3937-3948


Hassanein Q. Al-Salami; Iftichar Al-Shara

Linear operator of various types and its basic properties

Pages 3949-3957


Alaa Abdalkareem Khalaf; Jehad Rmadhan Kider

The effectiveness of a proposed teaching strategy based on the theory of successful intelligence in developing creativity skills in mathematics for students of primary stage

Pages 3959-3971


Lina Khalid Kamil; Flkrat Saadoon Rashid

Using steganography techniques for implicit authentication to enhance sensitive data hiding

Pages 3973-3983


Rafal Najeh Kadhum; Nada Hussein M. Ali

Improved optimality checkpoint for decision making by using the sub-triangular form

Pages 3985-3990


Zeina Mueen

Feature extraction for RGB-D cameras

Pages 3991-3995


Reeman Jumaa Abd Ali; Aqiel Almamori

Analysis of challenges and methods for face detection systems: A survey

Pages 3997-4015


Omar Amer Mohammed; Jamal Mustafa Al-Tuwaijari

A survey on various machine learning approaches for human electrocardiograms identification

Pages 4017-4035


Nada Mahmood Hameed; Jamal Mustafa Al-Tuwaijari

Concept and difficulties of advanced persistent threats (APT): Survey

Pages 4037-4052


Eman J. Khaleefa; Dhahair A. Abdulah

Presenting a structural model of customer behavioral intention in accepting social media marketing

Pages 4053-4068


Sahar Farajnezhad; Hossein Bodaghi Khajeh Noubar; Sirus Fakhimi Azar

Modeling causal and interfering conditions in corruption from auditing perspective using Grounded theory

Pages 4069-4083


Ali Nikouei; Ali Mohammadi; Ali Bayat