Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2022 
2. Analysis of Cholera model with treatment noncompliance

Pages 29-43

Matthew O Adewole; Taye S Faniran

8. Z-prime gamma submodule of gamma modules

Pages 97-102

Ali Abd Alhussein Zyarah; Ahmad Hadi Hussain; Hayder Kadhim Zghair

9. Almost maximal, e-maximal and e-simple fuzzy submodules

Pages 103-113

Maysoun A. Hamel; Inaam M. A. Hadi

10. Bifurcation analysis and chaos control of the population model with harvest

Pages 115-125

Ozlem Ak Gumus; A.George Selvam; R Dhineshbabu

12. Legendre Kantorovich methods for Uryshon integral equations

Pages 143-157

Chafik Allouch; Mohamed Arrai; Mohammed Tahrichi

14. On the location of zeros of generalized derivative

Pages 179-184

Irfan Ahmad Wani; Mohammad Ibrahim Mir; Ishfaq Nazir

15. Mathematical optimization modeling for estimating the incidence of clinical diseases

Pages 185-195

Mazin Kareem Kadhim; Fadhil Abdalhasan Wahbi; Ahmed Hasan Alridha

17. Novel face detection algorithm with a mask on neural network training

Pages 209-215

Fouad Shaker Tahir; Asma Abdulelah Abdulrahman; Zanbaq Hikmet Thanon

19. Growth estimate for rational functions with prescribed poles and restricted zeros

Pages 247-252

Ishfaq Ahmad Dar; Nisar Ahmad Rather; Mohd Shafi Wani

26. Human recognition by utilizing voice recognition and visual recognition

Pages 343-351

Sukaina Sh Altyar; Samera Shams Hussein; Mahir Jasem Mohammed

30. The existence of periodic solutions to doubly degenerate Allen-Cahn equation with Neumann boundary condition

Pages 397-408

Raad Awad Hameed; Maan A. Rasheed; Hekmat Sh. Mustafa; Faez N. Ghaffoori

33. Inequalities for an operator on the space of polynomials

Pages 431-439

Nisar Ahmad Rather; Aaqib Iqbal; Ishfaq Ahmad Dar

36. A numerical scheme for solving variable order Caputo-Prabhakar fractional integro-differential equation

Pages 467-484

Bagher Bagharzadehtvasani; Amir Hosein Refahi Sheikhani; Hossein Aminikhah

40. On the Nonlinear Impulsive Volterra-Fredholm Integrodifferential Equations

Pages 523-537

Pallavi U. Shikhare; Kishor D Kucche; Jose Sousa

41. The impact of petrochemical industry economic activities on environmental factors using a fuzzy mathematical programming model

Pages 539-553

Abdolkhalegh Vadian; Mohammad Mehdi Movahedi; Amir Gholam Abri; Mohammad Reza Lotfi

42. n-Jordan *-Derivations in Frechet locally C*-algebras

Pages 555-562

Javad Jamalzadeh; Khatere Ghasemi; Shahram Ghaffary

43. On the invariance properties of‎ Vaidya-Bonner geodesics via symmetry operators

Pages 563-571

Davood Farrokhi; Rohollah Bakhshandeh Chamazkoti; Mehdi Nadjafikhah