Mathematical analysis wavelets characteristics and their applications

Document Type : Research Paper


Directorate of Scholarships and Cultural Relations, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq


Wavelets are now perceived as a ground-breaking new mathematical apparatus in signal and picture handling, time arrangement analysis, geophysics, guess hypothesis, and numerous various zones. Wavelet analysis has been an effective way to deal with issues related to analysing a signal in both time and frequency areas. Analysing a non-stationary signal becomes difficult for the various transform methods. Wavelet transforms techniques like Fourier Transform (FT), short-time Fourier transforms (STFT), and wavelet transform (WT) methods and their application are also discussed in detail. Wavelet analysis can be applied to one-dimensional signals like audio signals as well as two-dimensional signals like images. However wavelet processing has wide applications, some of the applications and methods are discussed in the paper.