Analyzing the factorial experiments variances with the repeated values in a practical application

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Business Administration, Al-Kut University College, Wasit, Iraq


With the repeated values, that the factorial experiments will be in three nested factors. And, the third factor is presented by experimental units (subjects). The repeated values or the experimental unit treatments definitely can be taken. These treatments can be dealt with as a fourth factor. Actually, these kinds of experiments have been analyzed in factorial ways, which are presented by the F test. That can be taken place in the condition of variance analysis to the repeated values experiments and in case there is no condition fitting in, we may use non-factorial ways which are presented by shifting into ranks. Therefore, the aim of this research is to make an analyzed study for this kind of factorial ways or non-factorial. This kind of experiment can be applied to Thalassemia in Thi-Qar province.