Twofold of algebraic decomposition method used for a watermarking scheme with $LWT$ over medical images

Document Type : Research Paper


1 University of Technology, Department of Applied Sciences, Baghdad 10001, Iraq

2 applied science department, university of technology, Baghdad, Iraq


Mathematics has always been of great importance in various sciences, especially computer science. The mechanism used to embed various types of information in a host medical images to safeguard the privacy of the patient including the patient's name, doctor's digital signature is called watermarking. There are a lot of improved watermark algorithms, however, this information is susceptible to attack when the data are transferred over universal internet channels. This paper proposed a robust watermark algorithm that uses a Lifting Wavelet Transform $(LWT)$ and two times of the Hessenberg Matrix Decomposition Method $(HMDM)$ to embed a watermark in a chosen channel of the host image after performing the transform. The experimental results demonstrate that the improvement appears (higher robustness against $JPEG$ compression attack) and good imperceptibility against some attacks, to evaluate the fineness of the original with watermarked images and the extracted watermark respectively.