Multi-level supply chain recovery after disturbance; Mathematical modeling of Iran Khodro chain recovery

Document Type : Research Paper


In this research, the main purpose of managing disorders that occurs in the supply chain of Iran Khodro, in such a way that the supply chain can keep the service provided to the customer in the event of a disturbance, or created the lowest changes in the customer’s service. . For this purpose, first examines the concepts and theories associated with disruption and recovery in the supply chain, and then the research mathematical model is designed and presented. Finally, the validation of the model and solving a model based on data collected from Iran Khodro is presented in one of the real issues of the company. Based on the results, it is determined that the occurrence of an impairment in one of the suppliers can disturb the entire supply of supply chain members to disturb, and when the disorder is corrected, the retarded production process to the next periods. Transferred and its recovery in subsequent periods will continue with the production disturbance of subsequent periods to 15 periods, and then its impact will be resolved, which can be expressed by taking 1 year production periods that the impact of sanction and lack of production of production pieces It has been remained in the system for 15 years and can disrupt this system without increasing production capacity and will recover the production system for 15 years.