A call reservation scheme for channel allocation using predication approach (CAPA) in wireless networks

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Computer Science and Engineering(AI\&ML), CMR Technical Campus, Kandlakoya, Medchal (M) Hyderabad, Telangana-501401

2 Department of Information Technology , Jeppiaar Engineering College,Chennai- 600 119.

3 Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Veltech Rangarajan Dr Sagunthala R & D Institute of Science and Technology, Avadi, Chennai-600062

4 Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, New Prince Shri Bhavani College of Eng and Technology Chennai- 600073,Tamil Nadu.

5 Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Siddhartha Institute of Technology and Sciences, Narapally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500088


The uncommitted bandwidth of the spectrum must be expeditiously employed by the mobile users, since nowadays the mobile users are rising step by step. The major aim of the channel reservation process is to minimize the probability of call dropping and an effective channel assignment approach can significantly minimize such probability of call dropping. There is several channel allocation and assignment approaches has been presented. In our paper, the Channel Allocation using Prediction Approach (CAPA) algorithm is presented. The CAPA algorithm appropriates the channel reservation for mobile users in the destination cell before the mobile user travels into that particular cell. The channels are pre-reserved while the mobile users are travelling inside some distance of the novel cell bound. Channel Adoption approach and Queuing approach are employed in our CAPA algorithm for apportioning the channel to predict permanent and temporary mobile users. In channel Adoption approach, free channels choose from the fundamental pool and optimally apportioned to permanent user. For temporary user, queuing approach is implemented and these approaches are employed to minimize the probability of call dropping and apply the available channel bandwidth efficiently. Hence, the Performance of CAPA algorithm is improved while compared to other existing channel reservation algorithms.