A comparative study of two types of substrates in the manufacture of Schottky diode: p-Si and n- Si

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Physics, University of Kufa, Najaf,Iraq.

2 Department of Physics, University of Baghdad, Al-Jadria, Baghdad, Iraq.


This paper includes description of fabrication and characterization of two Schottky diodes differ in substrate material (n-type and p-type black Silicon). Schottky diodes were composed of (Ag /B-Si/n-Si/Al and Ag/B-Si/p-Si/ Al) respectively. Etching was achieved both electrochemical and photo--electrochemical etching processes. Different etching times and etching current densities were applied. Ag for front contact and Al for back contact were deposited by thermal evaporation method. I-V characteristics were plotted for the diode in dark forward and backward biasing at room temperature. The ideality factor and barrier height values were obtained. The barrier height values was(0,33-0,36)  eV  and the saturation current values (6,86-7,05)  for the diode samples were obtained from the current-voltage (I-V) curves , The ideality factor  (\textit{n})\textbf{ } values was(27.47-35.61), Schottky diodes at the Ag/BS or the dual metal-semiconductor junctions (Ag/BS/c-Si and c- Si/Al), of a diode ideally exhibit Ohmic features).