Study of optimum performance of solar still process under weather conditions of Baghdad

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Civil Engineering Department, Al–Esraa university college, Baghdad, Iraq

2 Building and Project Management Department, Al–Esraa university college, Baghdad, Iraq

3 Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineering Department, Middle Technical University, Baghdad, Iraq


The solar still method desalinates salt water by using direct solar radiation from the sun. It operates on the evaporation and condensation concept. The tenant is a water basin (which receives the seawater) that is fully insulated on all sides and sealed with a clear glass top that allows solar energy to enter. When a sunbeam strikes the salt water in the basin, evaporation occurs, resulting in vapor rising to the top and being caught by the cover glass above the sink; therefore, condensate develops on the bottom of the cover glass and is collected as the distillate. The purpose of this project is to determine the performance of solar still under real weather conditions of Baghdad. In this work, a single slop type of solar still has fabricated and tested during April-May under outdoor weather conditions in Baghdad. The results of the experimental demonstration show that the daily production of fresh water by solar still with area (0.3375) (m2 ) is about (800 ml).