The decision making strategy of prospective mathematics teachers in improving LOTS to be HOTS problem

Document Type : Research Paper


Departement of Mathematics Education, Universitas Negeri Malang, Malang, Indonesia


 This study aimed to explore the decision making of a prospective mathematics teacher in the process of improving a Lower Order Thinking Skills (LOTS) problem to be a Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) problem.~This study involves 51 prospective mathematics teachers taking part in improving HOTS  problems. Two students were chosen based on their uniqueness and quality of HOTS problems produced and their fluency in communication.~Semi-structured based task interviews were conducted to both participants in exploring the decision-making process-based. Furthermore, the data were analyzed qualitatively. The results showed that S1 was able to produce three-question related to one another, take two questions assess the reasonableness, finally decide one problem consisting of two items. S2 was able to generate three separate ideas, clarify the three ideas, and assess the three ideas and finally decide on one HOTS problem. S1 and S2 are still lack in involving Pedagogical Content Knowledge in assessing ideas especially. These results have an impact on the importance of developing a teaching model that improves the Decision making Strategy Furthermore, it is necessary to explore the decision-making process of pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers in developing the HOTS problems.