Designing a control system for traffic lights by VANET protocol

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Administrative and Financial Affairs Department, University of Diyala, Iraq

2 Department of Computer, Science College, University of Diyala, Iraq

3 College of Medicine, University of Diyala, Iraq


In this paper, VANET protocol is used to reduce traffic jams and accidents on the roads. The proposed algorithm is dependent on the wireless network between cars. The system is part of a wireless control node located at the intersection, which determines the optimal values of the phases of traffic lights. The protocol used in this research provides traffic fluency when compared to adaptive systems based on the use of cameras. It has also been developed as an integrated system validation simulator. The simulation framework consists of a realistic vehicle navigation model and a wireless network simulator. The proposed system designed as a work system that can be analyzed for peak hours and we got acceptable results. Average delay, fuel consumption and pollution are significantly reduced.