Structural reliability analysis using the third-moment and Downhill simplex technique

Document Type : Research Paper


1 College of Health and Medical Technology, Baghdad, Middle Technical University, Iraq

2 College of Administration and Economics, Department of Statistics, University of Baghdad, Iraq


The concept of structural reliability analysis presented a methodology used to verify the efficiency of an engineering structure in the design and experimentation stage to provide support for a more balanced design between structural integrity and the requirements for it, because it combines probabilistic and statistical techniques with science in the specialized field through the regular and harmonic use of analytical tools, in addition to empirical data available. This is done by calculating the probability of structural failure because it is a measure of how well the studied design works according to the resistance factors (components) on which it depends and strength (operational conditions). There are several techniques used to analyse reliability and compute the probability of structural failure, and among those techniques is the third-moment technique based on the first-order reliability method. In this paper, the researcher proposes the development of the third-moment technique using the Downhill Simplex algorithm, the proposed technique was applied to a numerical example, and it was highly efficient compared to the original third-moment technique.