Numerical and experimental full synchronization of $2\times 2$ optoelectronic device network

Document Type : Research Paper


Al-Esraa University College, Iraq


 Numerically and experimentally the full synchronization of $2\times 2$ optoelectronic device network. By the using of $2\times 2$ oscillator's network, every one of the oscillators has been considered as optocoupler (i.e. LED that has been coupled with photodetector). By fixing the strength of the feedback $(\mathcal{E})$ and increasing the current of the bias $(\delta)$ of every one of the oscillators, the dynamic sequence like chaotic and periodic mixed-mode oscillations has been observed. Synchronization of unidirectionally coupled optoelectronic devices network has been featured when bias current equal to $4.4\times 10^{-4}$. Transitions between the synchronization and the non-synchronization states through spatiotemporal distributions have been investigated.


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Volume 12, Special Issue
December 2021
Pages 1937-1946
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