The effects of outlier on some Bayesian survival estimators for Burr-X distribution with a Covid-19 as a case study

Document Type : Research Paper


Middle Technical University, Technical College of Management --Baghdad, Information Technology Department, Iraq.


Survival functions estimators can be affected by outlier, and thus these estimations move away from their real values, especially with the increasing in the outlier ratios within the sample of the random variable. The research included a comparison of a number of Bayesian methods for the estimations of survival functions of burr- X distribution with the percentages of different outliers within the sample. Simulation results showed the effect of the estimation methods by sample size and the percentage of outliers, and the real values of the parameters distribution.
    Mean square error was adopted as a measure to compare the estimation methods with a number of simulation experiments. The research also included a case study of Covid-19 for practical application. Other estimation methods can be taken (maximum likelihood estimation method, moment method, and shrinkage method) to note the possibility of being affected by outlier values