Identifying and prioritizing effective strategies in strategic human resource planning using multi-fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making methods (Case study; Export Development Bank of Iran)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Management, Roodehen Branch, Islamic Azad University, Roodehen, Iran

2 Faculty of Financial Sciences, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran


Many future studies in the field of human resource management reflect the fact that strategic advantage and sustainability in the competitive market will belong to organizations that can identify, attract and nurture the best human resource talents better than competitors and with the help of formulation. Maintain dynamic and business-oriented strategies. The present paper aims to identify and prioritize effective strategies in human resource planning in the Export Development Bank of Iran, using multi-fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making methods. The statistical population of this study included 23 experts (managers and experts) who were also considered as a sample size. Two researcher-made questionnaires based on the 9-point Likert scale were used to collect data. The method of this research was mixed and in terms of exploratory and developmental type and data analysis was done in the qualitative part based on the strategic planning matrix (SWOT) and a small part of the worst-best (BMW) fuzzy method. Findings showed that from the intersection of the two axes of internal factors evaluation matrix (1.68) and equivalent external factors (2.62) and SWOT matrix analysis, 19 identification strategies, among which the aggressive strategy of strengthening and establishing the system of recruitment and supply of human resources using methods Novin was identified as the first priority and this bank is facing a relative weakness in the field of human resources planning in a conservative position and in terms of the internal environment, and it is necessary to change the current situation towards an aggressive strategy. The purpose is to use the type of applied research.