Error grid analysis evaluation of noninvasive blood glucose monitoring system of diabetic Covid-19 patients

Document Type : Research Paper


Biomedical Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Al-Nahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq


Due to the life-threatening dangers of diabetic disease and the rapid spread of the Corona pandemic, the demand for continuous glucose monitoring systems increases, especially that complemented with telemedicine technologies. During and after the corona pandemic, the number of diabetes patients is anticipated to rise rapidly. This study aims to learn the interaction between diabetes and COVID-19 and the health complication, owing to control blood glucose levels to decrease these complications. Careful blood sugar control is essential because the poorer health results are strongly linked with greater blood sugar levels in COVID-19 infection patients. The non-invasive glucose detection system is vital to control diabetic COVID-19 patients'  health cases. The non-invasive blood glucose monitoring system is based on acousto-optic Raman-Nath interaction using 2MHz ultrasound and 980nm IR laser.  Clark's Error Chart and Parkes Error Grid are used for evaluating the non-invasive blood glucose monitoring system and show a promising evaluation result.