A systematic review of ultra-lightweight encryption algorithms

Document Type : Research Paper


Informatics Institute for Postgraduate Studies, Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics, Baghdad, Iraq


The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened a new era of technology and knowledge, several devices with limited resources are used. Those devices are vulnerable to a significant number of new malware and other emerging risks. Lightweight cryptographic algorithms are one of the most ideal approaches for safeguarding those IoT applications. Cryptography will conceal the data and by eliminating the possibility of obtaining any crucial information patterns, this assures that all data transmissions are secure, accurate, authenticated, permitted, and non-repudiable. Since using cryptographic algorithms for constrained or restricted devices is not ideal, the need for developing lightweight cryptographic algorithms increased through the last decades. Many lightweight blocks and stream ciphers are becoming common because they meet the requirements of low-power and constrained devices. This paper is a comprehensive survey in lightweight and ultra-lightweight encryption algorithms and includes both the recently proposed ciphers (Block and Stream), and the latest cryptanalysis results.