Analysis of challenges and methods for face detection systems: A survey

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Computer Science, College of Sciences, University of Diyala, Iraq


Face recognition has come to the top of the list of the most frequently used image processing applications, owing in large part to the availability of practical technology in this area. Despite significant progress in this sector, several issues such as ageing, partial blockage, and facial emotions impede the system's efficacy. Face identification from real-world data, recorded photographs, sensor images, and dataset images is difficult to solve because of the huge range of facial appearances, lighting effects, and complexity of the image background. Face recognition is a very successful and practical use of image processing and biometric systems. In this paper, we analyze the most significant challenges confronting the subject of face recognition; we discuss the challenges, how they were addressed using scientific methods, which databases are the most useful, and we summarize the most significant previous studies on age and gender that have been widely cited by researchers in the last year, along with a concise definition.