Concept and difficulties of advanced persistent threats (APT): Survey

Document Type : Research Paper


Diyala University, Diyala, Iraq


Previously confined to nation-states and associated institutions, dangers have increasingly penetrated the private and business sectors. Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are the type of threats that every government and established organization worries and seeks to counter. While state-sponsored APT assaults will always be more sophisticated, the increasing prevalence of APT strikes in the corporate sector complicates matters for corporations. Existing security solutions are becoming ineffective as attack tools and techniques evolve at a breakneck pace. While defenders attempt to safeguard every endpoint and connection in their networks, attackers come up with new ways to breach their targets' systems. In this scientific study, we will discuss the issue (APT) and what it includes in terms of obstacles or difficulties, as well as the current state of progress in this field. Additionally, we will present an overview of the most commonly used dataset support (APT) for algorithm assessment and highlight the approaches and strategies used.