The impact of performance management in enhancing strategic response process: field research in the middle refineries company

Document Type : Research Paper


College of Administration and Economics, University of Baghdad, Iraq


This paper aims to know the extent of the impact of performance management in its dimensions (performance planning, performance measures, performance standards, performance reports) in enhancing the strategic response.  Design / Methodology / Approach: An intentional descriptive-analytical study was used that included 122 managers of senior, middle or operational levels, and structural equation modeling was used to test hypotheses. The performance management variable and strategic response achieved a high level of importance, and this indicates the agreement of the sample members that the company is interested in providing the necessary approach for interaction and cooperation to raise the level of performance, improve productivity, and adapt to changes that occur in the internal and external environment.  Constraints/implications of the research: targeting a sample of the large oil sector, which includes more than 15 companies distributed over geographical areas spread throughout the country, and a refinery company adopted the research variables.  Using the (Stepwise) method of testing the significance of dimensions and after deleting the non-significant dimensions, it becomes clear that the model ultimately depends on two sizes (performance planning, performance reports) from the dimensions of the performance management variable, which represents a significant impact in enhancing strategic response operations.  This paper seeks to include the company's proactive business strategy and rapid response to environmental challenges and current and future crises and provide the basic requirements to confront competitors by paying attention to developing perceptions and expectations associated with potential environmental changes.