On ordered theoretic controlled fuzzy metric spaces

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Mathematics and Statistics, International Islamic University, H-10, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan

2 Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences, Government College University, Lahore, Pakistan

3 Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization, University of Management and Technology Lahore, Pakistan

4 Research Institute for Natural Sciences, Hanyang University, Seoul 04763, Korea


In this article, we introduce the concept of $\Re $-control fuzzy metric spaces. We prove some fixed point results in the sense of $\Re $-control fuzzy metric spaces and furnish our work with several non-trivial examples to verify the validity of the proposed results. In the end, we incorporate this work with an application to solve an integral equation.


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Volume 14, Issue 4
April 2023
Pages 1-14
  • Receive Date: 20 September 2022
  • Revise Date: 28 November 2022
  • Accept Date: 23 January 2023