Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 4, April 2023, Pages 1-404 
On ordered theoretic controlled fuzzy metric spaces

Pages 1-14


Khalil Javed; Fahim Uddin; Umar Ishtiaq; Choonkil Park; Muhammad Arshad

Parametric proportional hazard models using the Bayesian approach with applications to healthcare data

Pages 15-36


Sanaa Noor Mohammed Al-Sharifi; Tasnim Hasan Kadhim AlBaldawi

Superconvergence of Volterra-Urysohn integral with weakly singular kernel by iterated Jacobi spectral multi Galerkin method

Pages 37-45


Kapil Kant

New results on coefficient estimates for subclasses of bi-univalent functions related by a new integral operator

Pages 47-54


Fatima Obaid Salman; Waggas Galib Atshan

Examining the evolutionary process and the components affecting the improvement of customers' online shopping experience in e-commerce startups

Pages 55-62


Javad Safavieh; Bita Tabrizian; Leila Andervazh; Ebrahim Albo Naeimi

Quantum dual Simpson type inequalities for q-differentiable convex functions

Pages 63-76


Wedad Saleh; Badreddine Meftah; Abdelghani Lakhdari

Common coupled fixed point theorem on fuzzy bipolar metric spaces

Pages 77-85


Ismat Beg; Arul Joseph Gnanaprakasam; Gunaseelan M

An explanation of causes of business failure based on audit report disclosure, audit variables, and corporate governance mechanisms from the perspective of senior managers in companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange

Pages 87-100


Vahid Farham; Hossein Shafiei; Abbas Sheybani Tezerji

The impact of traffic noise on educational buildings (University of Technology, Department of Architecture Engineering as a case study)

Pages 101-110


Enas Ali Salman; Kais Abdulhusein Abbas

Local well-posedness and blow-up of solution for a higher-order wave equation with viscoelastic term and variable-exponent

Pages 111-124


Boughamsa Wissem; Ouaoua Amar

Application of a fractional-order financial system with disturbance in encryption and decryption

Pages 125-138


Malek Karimian; Bashir Naderi; Yousef Edrisi-Tabriz

Does the type of government expenditure affect the cyclicality of fiscal policy? (Case study: Iran)

Pages 139-150


Hossein Aghilifar; Hashem Zare; Khosrow Piraei; Mehrzad Ebrahimi

New odd Chen Fréchet distributions: Properties and applications

Pages 151-160


Shahad Emad Abdel Rasool; Sada Fayed Mohammed

Superstability of the $p$-radical sine functional equation

Pages 161-170


Gwang Hui Kim; Madjid Eshaghi Gordji

A study on the payback period of building energy consumption optimization in different situations

Pages 171-191


Meysam Zekavot; Mansoure Tahbaz; Mohammad Reza Hafezi

Certain new type of fixed point results in partially ordered M-metric space

Pages 193-205


Ahmad Hassan; Umar Ishtiaq; Samrat Ray

Fractional ordered thermoelastic stress analysis of a thin circular plate under axi-symmetric heat supply

Pages 207-219


Satish G Khavale; Kishor R Gaikwad

Presenting a model for the effective factors on the stock price crash risk

Pages 221-246


Nahad Behzadi; Saied Jabbarzadeh Kangarloei; Jamal Bahri Sales; Younes Badavar Nahandi

Numerical analysis to investigate the effect partially filled of porous media inserted in a square channel for different locations

Pages 247-260


Sarmad A. Ali; Suhad A. Rasheed

On the stability of a two-step method for a fourth-degree family by computer designs along with applications

Pages 261-282


Mandana Moccari; Taher Lotfi; Vali Torkashvand

Developing a model based on the relationship between the effectiveness of the budgeting system and the value-based performance evaluation indices in the Saderat Bank of Iran

Pages 283-296


Hadi Parvizi; Babak Jamshidinavid

A novel approach for convergence and stability of Jungck-Kirk-Type algorithms for common fixed point problems in Hilbert spaces

Pages 297-312


lmo Kalu Agwu; Donatus Ikechi Igbokwe

Equivalence relations on approximation theory

Pages 313-322


Hamid Mazaheri Tehrani; N. Kh. Hamidi; M .J. Salehi

Investigation of 2DOF FOPI controller for synchronous generator voltage stability

Pages 323-331


Mohsen Ahmadnia; Ahmad Hajipour; Farhad Firouzi

Remarks on the paper "Best proximity point theorem in higher dimensions with an application"

Pages 333-336


Sumit Som; Moosa Gabeleh

Providing a model of factors affecting the selection of financing strategy using the fuzzy Delphi technique

Pages 337-348


Firoozeh Naebi; Reza Tehrani; Reza radfar

Stability and some results of triple effect domination

Pages 349-358


Zinah H. Abdulhasan; Mohammed A. Abdlhusein

A risk averse robust portfolio optimization under severe uncertainties by using IGDT approach: Iran Stock Exchange

Pages 359-385


Fatemeh Akbari; Jafar Bagherinejad; Fariborz Jolai

Slowly oscillating functions on semitopological semigroup

Pages 387-390


Ali Pashapournia; Mohammad Akbari Tootkaboni; Davood Ebrahimi bagha

State estimation of T and Chen chaotic dynamics using sliding mode control

Pages 391-404


Suresh Rasappan; Regan Murugesan; Sathish Kumar Kumaravel