Automated recommendation backend web database tier architecture benchmarking

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Applied Computer, College of Informatics, Polytechnic University, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

2 Department of Computer, College of Science, Sulamani university, Sulamani, KRI

3 Department of Computer Engineering, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Lebanese French University, Erbil, Iraq

4 Technical College of informatics, Sulaimani Polytechnic University, Iraq



The database management system (DBMS) for any application is crucial for developers because each application needs high performance to run efficiently. Therefore, database Benchmarking is the process of performing several Defined tests on those databases to evaluate their performance. The electronic benchmarking System (EBS) facilitates and improves human resource management (HRM) in all aspects of real life. EBS designed by four different database backends and three different web technology. This paper presents a comparative evaluation of the performance of the top DBMS systems namely (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and MS Access). The middleware is designed using three dynamic web technologies (PHP, ASP, and PYTHON). In order to evaluate the backend performance for the four mentioned databases system by using two Parameters Response Time (RT) and Throughput (TT) over different Tire Architectures namely: One-Tier Architecture (1TA), Two-Tier Architecture (2TA). This paper will show which of the database has a better Response time (RT) and Throughput (TT).


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Available Online from 27 February 2023
  • Receive Date: 22 November 2022
  • Revise Date: 12 January 2023
  • Accept Date: 23 January 2023
  • First Publish Date: 27 February 2023