Volume & Issue: Volume 15, Issue 1, January 2024, Pages 1-371 
Acknowledgement to the Reviewers of IJNAA in 2023

Pages 1-1


IJNAA Editorial Office

Further results about the transcendental meromorphic solution of a special Fermat-type equation

Pages 3-7


Chaithra C. N.; S. H. Naveenkumar; H. R. Jayarama

On triple θ-centralizers

Pages 9-16


Bahman Hayati; Hamid Khodaei

Study and evaluation of feature vector optimization and classic methods in automatic breast cancer detection

Pages 17-30


Roozbeh Rahmani; Shahin Akbarpour; Ali Farzan

Structural financing equations with focus on working capital optimization

Pages 31-48


Amir Emadoddini; Mansoor Garkaz; AliReza Matoofi; Khadijeh Eslami

Fixed point theorems in non-Archimedean G-fuzzy metric spaces with new type contractive mappings

Pages 49-60


Razieh Farokhzad Rostami

Nonlinear dynamic analysis and the impact of viscous damper on implemented vibration control applied to seismic vibrations

Pages 61-74


Mohammad Reza Arefi

Validating the identification and control model of effective factors in strategic crisis management in road accidents

Pages 75-86


Ali Abdollahi; Saeid Dehyadegari; Mohammad Ali Forghani; Elahe Shahabi

Optimization sequence of infill well-drilling using Latin hypercube plus radial basis function network

Pages 87-96


Mustafa Rashid Abdu Hameed; Sameera M. Hamd-Allah

Designing a food supply chain improvement model with a focus on blockchain

Pages 97-124


Reza Mohammadkazemi; Mahnaz Pouriz

On the solution of a nonlinear fractional integro-differential equation with non-local boundary condition

Pages 125-136


Elyas Shivanian; Abdollah Dinmohammadi

Automated recommendation backend web database tier architecture benchmarking

Pages 137-150


Govan Anwar Hassan; Kamaran Hama Ali Faraj; Haval Sidqi

Prioritizing the key factors for performance evaluation of Iran's banking system based on the balanced scorecard (BSC) approach and the fuzzy analytic network process (FANP)

Pages 151-160


Kourosh Farahbakhsh; Sina Kheradyar; Kambiz Shahroodi; Farzin Farahbod

Implementation of performance-based budgeting and accrual accounting in public organizations in Iraq

Pages 161-178


Mohammad Kashanipour; Mohammad Nadiri; Gholamhossein Moharrampour; Ahmed Baher

On the pathwise uniqueness for a class of SPDEs driven by Lévy noise in Hilbert spaces

Pages 179-190


Majid Zamani; S. Mansour Vaezpour; Erfan Salavati

Small area estimation of labor force indicators using the multinomial logit mixed model

Pages 191-198


Anita Abounoori; Mohammadreza Faghihi Habibabadi

Detecting financial fraud using machine learning techniques

Pages 199-214


Jafar Nahri Aghdam Ghalejoogh; Nader Rezaei; yaghoub Aghdam Mazarae; Rasoul Abdi

Study of increasing production using improving technical efficiency in fisheries in the north of the country (Case study: Kilka fishing on the shores of Mazandaran)

Pages 215-224


Saeid Parichi; Seyed Yaghoub Zeraatkish; Majid Ahmadian; Zahra Abedi

How many statistical structures and Ricci flat affine connections are there on the tangent bundle?

Pages 225-239


Esmaeil Peyghan; Farshad Firuzi; Uday Chand De

Numerical solution of three-dimensional Volterra-Hammerstein integral equations by hybrid of block-pulse and Legendre polynomials

Pages 241-249


Hossein Ghiasi; Rahele Nuraei

The role of cognitive-behavioral constructs in investors' wealth management: Freud's theory test

Pages 251-262


Behzad Davari; Asgar Pakmaram; Jamal Bahri Sales; Saeed Jabbarzadeh

Saffron future contract yield prediction using a modified quadratic model

Pages 263-276


Mahvash Farokhi; Ali Najafi Moghadam; Roya Darabi

Optimization of energy consumption in smart city using reinforcement learning algorithm

Pages 277-290


Mohammad Ordouei; Ali Broumandnia; Touraj Banirostam; Alireza Gilani

Modeling factors affecting the accuracy of management profit forecasts in Iranian companies

Pages 291-312


Sima Yousefi Moghadam; Allah Karam Salehi; Hoshang Amiri

LG-paracompactness of LG-fuzzy topological metric spaces

Pages 313-320


Marzieh Mostafavi

Reliability analysis of lifetime systems based on Weibull distribution

Pages 321-329


Mohammadreza Shahriari; Hooman Shahrasbi; Arash Zaretalab

Explain the pattern of user trust in social media-based marketing

Pages 331-341


Karim Ramezani; Hossein Budaghi Khajeh Nobar; Nasser Feghhi Farahmand; Morteza Mahmoudzadeh

The effectiveness of audit firm rotation on audit quality in companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange using Pearson's linear torque model

Pages 343-352


Shiva Hassanpour

Almost order-weakly compact operators on Banach lattices

Pages 353-360


Mohammad Pazira; Mina Matin; Kazem Haghnejad Azar; Ali Abadi

The generalized solution of fractional di§erential equations sample with Brownian motion

Pages 361-371


Nabil Laiche; Laid Gasmi; Zouaoui Chikr Elmezouar; Ozen Ozer